Weddings are lovely occasions. I recently had the pleasure of watching two friends tie the knot. It made the weekend wonderful!

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Bonne Terre

A visit to a lovely old mining town in Missouri.

And now you are thinking “why would you want to visit an old mining town?”.

Well, Jacques Cousteau visited and stayed for an entire week…so why not?!

There is a mine in a little town called Bonne Terre.

It is an old lead mine flooded with spring water. Caving is a lot of FUN! I love exploring…and this was exploring underwater! We had the most wonderful time and I had the chance to capture photographic evidence of it all too! People, pictures and fun times! What more could a girl ask for?!

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The dive leaders and staff at West End Diving were extremely nice, patient and very helpful. We had a wonderful weekend vacation and made a lot of fun adventurous memories. Thank you to all that were there…visiting or working…Divers are a great group of people!

Book Signing in Broken Arrow!

Local Talent is a great asset.

Children’s Book by Ally Singleton

Tonight, Ally Singleton will be at 210 South Main Street in Broken Arrow to sign copies of her new children’s book: “Boomer: Just the Right Dog”.

Please visit Furniture and Design Solutions to get your autographed copy of this new children’s book which talks about bullying and being yourself. You can support a local talented writer as well as a local shop owner all in one place Tonight–August 2nd, 2012!

Book Signing begins at 6pm….Hope to see you there!

Ally and Boomer the Corgi

Tulsa from Out-of-Town

I found it interesting to get a traveler’s opinion of the city I live in…. what they found here, what they thought about it…what was worth their time to blog about!
Check it out:

Tell me what you think about Tulsa, OK and about your hometown.

What do adventurers and travelers say about your city?

On a shoestring, at the drop of a hat

Good morning everyone and happy Thursday. Today we will continue our recap of our big summer trip that we just finished up earlier this week. After spending a great night talking and eating delicious Thai food with our friends Yadi and Rob in San Francisco we boarded a Delta flight to Tulsa early Sunday morning. Well, actually, in order to get to Tulsa we had to fly to Minneapolis. This is absolutely a round about way to arrive in Tulsa but it happened to be the most affordable on our day of departure.

Upon arriving in Minneapolis we realized that we would need to take a long walk across the airport. This allowed us to take in the vastness that is Minneapolis/St. Paul International. There were so many shops that it felt as if we had been transported into a mall. There were souvenir shops, clothing stores, and restaurants every…

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