Portraits: Generations

Generations…what do YOU think of when you hear that word? Do your thoughts stray to family? tradition? someone special?

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Most people do family portraits that include their immediate family. Generations Portraits include more than just the household family we normally include in our holiday cards. Usually it is Grandma, Daughter(s), Granddaughter(s). These are lasting memories treasured by several generations to be shared for generations to come. They touch a heart (or two) and are extra special when you lose a generation.

Have you ever had a generation portrait done? Contact Us NOW! We would very much enjoy visiting your home, local park, or having you in our studio for a generation session TODAY!

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Specials: Month of Love

February is the month we all stress about Valentine’s Day and what to get that special someone…or what to do if that special someone has not yet appeared.

Special Someone doesn’t have to be the Lover in your life. It can be your Mother, Father, Grandparent, Son, Daughter, or any Special Person that means the world to you and you just can’t imagine life without them there by your side.

Some People have the opinion that giving a photo of your self to someone is vain. That may be true….but having a photo session WITH that person makes it special and loving… instead of all about vanity. So…what are YOU waiting for?


Make Your appointment with that Special Person TODAY! Valentine’s Day may pass you by…but it’s never too late! That person in your life is always going to be special. Tell them. Contact us. Let’s get your session set up today! Mention this blog post when setting up your session and get a free 8×10 portrait from your session!
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