Role Model Lost but not forgotten: Maya Angelou

Poet, Artist, and a great model for young ladies…

What you can do with the mind and some creativity and compassion… We need more like her. It is sad to lose such a personality as Maya Angelou…but she will not be forgotten.

role model

In a Kingdom NOT so far away: 2014

In a Kingdom NOT so far away…

The month of May is always a lot   of fun!

I spend at least one day a weekend in Muskogee at the Castle.

May brings two Kings and a Queen…this year a Princess…and always Birds of Prey, Pirates, Fairies, Mermaids, Jousters, and many other “Fairy Tale” characters and Historical People to life!


Visit the Castle of Muskogee this year for its 19th run of festival and re-visit a modern day version of the Renaissance! Dress up (or not). You will have fun.

There are Turkey Legs, Funnel Cakes, Ice Cream, Sno-cones, Chislick, and MUCH MORE to enjoy at the Castle. Did I also mention Pirates?


Birds of Prey!

The Royal Gauntlet: Birds of Prey are a group of educational rehabilitators of birds of prey as well as a few Falconers. Falconry is the “Sport of Kings” and is still alive today (thankfully)! Learn about the “sport of kings” and Birds of Prey! Why do we need them? Come and join us in the Jousting arena and find out! See some magnificent creatures that actually reside in our fair kingdoms this day!



The Jolly Rogers! The Musical Blades! ….and many more roving brigands and buccaneers!

Find out more about the Renaissance Festival at the Castle of Muskogee on their website!


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