About the Artist

Oklahoma Photographer
Misha Lowther of Misha’s Photography and Restoration; Located in Broken Arrow, OK


From looking at the banner pictured above, you may have guessed I am a Harry Potter fan. Yes I have read all the books and seen all the movies. Owls are awesome and the characters are a lot of fun.

I did studio photography in the early 90’s. . . . Then I moved on. Love of photos was mixed with a love for imagination and creativity. Today we have lumped all of that creative energy and activity into one program and called it Photoshop. Adobe wasn’t at the top of the market and wasn’t even heard of (by me) when I started playing with creativity. I created images for birthday cards, memorials, church slide shows, and anything else I could have fun with. I did it with a computer! People are amazing and creativity abounds. When photography is added to that mix, it makes for a wondrous adventure.

Later, I got into sports photography in the early part of the new millennium. That lead to location portrait photography. . . and then to weddings and event photography.

One thing does lead to another…that adventurous mix I mentioned just keeps growing and so do I. Fun and adventure are the building blocks of an enjoyable life. Photography is my adventure and so are the people that make that possible. That includes YOU!

This year, in 2019, I have a brand NEW offer at my photography studio (or on location). It’s called Personal Brand Photography!  Check out the explanation of PBP in this blog post! Join me for a brief but sweet adventure in photography …on this road we call life….. let’s have some FUN!

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