The Year 2020

Well, as most will agree, 2020 didn’t go the way we all imagined when we started our new year’s resolutions. I stopped shooting in 2020 due to the pandemic. Add to that a growing family and my time went elsewhere. Distance learning in schools, children, lock-down, avoiding exposure…. We all experienced it.

I did a couple of weddings and a couple of sessions, but for the most part my roles in life took an unexpected turn down other paths.

I still shoot portraits, weddings, and nature. I still do restorations and composites. I still LOVE photography and art! I am still HERE!

Here’s my slideshow of my version of 2020:

What will YOUR next session or next year look like?

Contact me and let’s find out!

Location Location Location!

Everyone loves backgrounds that fit THEIR personality. It’s great to choose your own background. Today, the selection is even wider! WHY? HOW?

Well, wider selections come with an in studio session and digital background capabilities. It’s great to be able to add a Mountain style backdrop for the family that loves to hike…or an ocean scene for those that love the beach and summer fun. It’s also great to have a base white backdrop for those artistic families who like to create their own look with no background to worry about.

Locations also offer a unique backdrop. Being able to shoot on location or travel to a unique destination to do a special session in a special, unique place that means something to my clients is more meaningful that having them come to the studio on a beautiful day for a look that might suit them but doesn’t have that special meaning to back it up.

Options are GRAND! The more options YOU have, the more unique our session is! This is an amazing ability that helps create something special to hang on your walls or to put in an album to share with your friends and family.

where do you want your session to be?

Formals, Events, and The Times of YOUR Life!

Every Event needs a Photographer…

Formals, Events, and the Times of Your Life! How exciting! These are awesome moments of celebration. Some are automatically given to hiring a Photographer for the event. Others are on either side of the fence… however, I LOVE photography and LOVE shooting special events!

Ya know, when you host an event… YOU are often the busiest person there. What does that matter? Well… how much do you miss during your host/hostess duties? Do you get to see everything? Do you get the chance to visit with everyone who attends?


Are you still bogged down with a “to do list” for the evening: checking on staff, catering, making sure the events’ activities are flowing smoothly, standing at the entrance or exit greeting or thanking attendees for coming to the event/gala?

With a photographer there, you get to see the other perspective. If it’s a photo booth, you get to see the wild fun everyone had making funny faces during the entire evening. If it’s a wandering freelance photographer, you get to see the action unfold all night through group shots and dinner shots and the fun window opens so you can view the belle of the ball in her spotlight without all the worry or fuss.

No matter whether it’s an indoor or outdoor event, a birthday party, community gathering, wedding, reunion, or Football Game…. YOU should consider what you want to remember. Consider what you want to offer your guests. Photography can fit into any event that you want to remember!… Maybe you just want an album for an annual event that happens every year to commemorate each occasion and the changes that happen through growth and positive motions.

What can we help YOU with today? Call us: 405-730-9188 or find us on social media to see more! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

What is Fantasy in Photography?

Imaginative Portraits for any age!

Photography in the digital age is unique and so much fun! I love that we can create an even more unique look for your sessions! What do I mean by that?

A typical session done on location or in studio can be MORE than you see during your session. Imagination is the key and the sky is not even the limit! What did you dream of being as a child? What do you dream of being now? Ever wish you could step into a painting or piece of artwork or movie? … like Burt, Mary and the Banks children stepped into the chalk artwork and went to a country fair?…. let’s look at what I have helped some friends and clients “step into”

Artistic portraits are fun and imaginative. They lead you places you “can’t normally go.” and yet you are there. 🙂 While it isn’t exactly “jumping into a chalk drawing and running to see what is over the next rise or around the corner or over the hill… it is a great and unique way to style portraits. It can also capture your child’s favorite Disney character during halloween or any other time. Children are great at play and imagination when you send them off in that direction.

So what will You be during Your next session?

Where Your Path Leads

We never know where our journey ends….

Life is an adventure. As a child, we are all asked that inevitable question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

I always had several answers. “A Teacher.” “A Sunday School Teacher.” “A Singer.” “An Actress.” “A Model.” “A Secretary.”

NOT once was my answer a “Photographer” or a “Graphic Designer”, or a “Web Designer”, or a “Marketer”. The journey creates changes along the way that can take you down a path you never imagined. This can be a good thing. For me, it is wonderful. I have learned things I never imagined as a child but computers were new then and not a household item either. As a child I was always in front of a camera, not behind one. (Thank you Grandma) ❤ …..

Now, I am a daughter, sister, niece, cousin, wife, mother, aunt, great-aunt, artist, photographer, graphics artist, web designer, marketer, bookkeeper, secretary, receptionist, housekeeper, seamstress, …… and the journey continues. I love that photography encompasses all things in life. Capturing portraits of people in new ways is fulfilling. Seeing those art pieces on a wall in someone’s home is an amazing thrill beyond belief. Watching someone flip through their album of heirloom photos (especially with friends and family) gives me joy and satisfaction that lasts for a very long time. Watching a bride see her special day from a different view is amazing! Going through one of the most important days of your life after months (sometimes years) of planning is sometimes not only the biggest joy but the biggest relief to actually make it through such a wondrous occasion… and then to be able to look back at the photos and wonder at the amazing moments and memories with a fresh set of eyes and a new sense of feeling is beyond incredible!

  • autumn leaves

I get to do all of those things with my clients. Clients are friends in the making. To have a client is one thing. To get to know someone is another. I want to get to know my clients and I want them to know me. It makes the adventure and the journey so much MORE….

When do I get to book YOUR Session? Contact Me…. TODAY!

email at

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Give us a call at 405-730-9188.

Your Personal Brand…What does that mean?

What is Personal Brand? Why do I need this? How can it help me? Read more to find the answers.

The first question most people ask when you say “Personal Brand Photography” is “what is that?” or “What does that mean?” Would YOU like to know what Personal Branding is? Read on.

Let's show the World what you do.
Personal Brand Banner for Sky Diver and or Pilot.

Personal Branding is YOU. Personal branding tells the world WHO you are. Personal branding is done every day. You may be familiar with the term “selfie”. Teens take these cell phone photos all the time. It shows who they are, what they like, what they do, where they go, who they hang out with…. it’s their story.

Personal Brand Photography is YOUR story about YOUR business. It tells who you are as an entrepreneur, as a person. WHO are you? WHAT do you DO? WHERE do you do business (hang out)? WHAT is your lifestyle? WHY should I do business with you as a consumer?…. Personal brand photography is marketing and photography that tells YOUR STORY.

The people who do business with you no longer want to know just where your business is located or what you sell/do or what service you provide. They want to KNOW YOU!

While selfies are great for teens who don’t realize how those photos can be great in the moment but might not do you justice in two weeks or two years, professional photos are geared toward setting your business in the spotlight of positive image and positive story telling so that your consumers KNOW who they are doing business with and why. Personal Brand Photography is a commercial service offered to the local business who wants to be real and personable with their clients; a service meant to be used online, in brochures, social media sites, as self advertising! What business owner couldn’t use a great professional image and a service that saves time in the long run? Personal brand photography offers content YOU, the business owner, do NOT have to work at collecting but still have to post. Instead of an hour or three a day trying to write content, take and post photos, for all the social media sites today…YOU get to have someone spend 4 to 8 hours with you to tell YOUR stories and all you have to do is add content and post.

When I say “stories”, we all have more than one aspect to our business. As you can see in the above gallery. My stories show MY life… I am a photographer, mother, wife, sister, daughter, and friend with many hobbies, interests and Photography can fit into any and ALL of those things. Posting family photos shows the personal side of you and when building relationships with clients, isn’t that what you want to do? (and no, I don’t mean post your private life out on social media as a diary. I mean share a piece of WHO you are.) Sharing who you are is part of what you do when you own a small business. People who are small business entreprenuers often have family help in running their business or have a LOT of support from family members.

Keep in mind, This is a professional service that EVERYONE can use. It applies to ANY Industry that requires advertisements, marketing, online presence, etc. Personal Brand Photography is the “business selfie” so-to-speak. The stories You CHOOSE to tell are YOUR choice. (Your business. Your staff. Your family. Your clients.) You choose a story, or two or three. I photograph them. You post them.Who doesn’t need to tell their story (or tell someone they have a product that the consumer of today needs)? Even Photographers need Personal Brand Photography and someone else to assist with that concept.

Now that you know what it is…What story would YOU like the world’s consumers to know? Contact me to set up your session NOW!

Personal Branding with Photography- What’s That?

Two Thousand Nineteen is a wonderous year! This year as a professional photographer, I have a new offering. Since this is a new offer, I’d like to start this offer with YOU- my Blog Readers!–the people who visit me online! The offer is simple: A ½ (half) or full Day; YOU (your business/home/family); Your interactions in life, home & business…with me to show the world what YOU do. Love WHO you ARE and love WHAT you DO! So you’re asking “what is Personal Brand Photography?”


Personal Branding Photography is for Cosplayers, Theatre Cast Members and Stage Show Members, Pilots, First Responders, Photographers (yes we need photos too), Adoption Agents, Authors, Bloggers, Web Designers, Bands, Musicians, Doctors, Lawyers, Cowboys, Models, Actresses, and anyone else with something to promote. Personal Branding can help you with your social media accounts, any type of ads (print or digital), online posts, blogs, and other marketing materials. Anything in print or online that uses photos for grabbing attention can be part of your Personal Brand Photography session. It’s all about branding YOU and/or YOUR BUSINESS (your character, your cause, your lifestyle both professionally and personally because You are Both!).
Your choice of 15 digital images from the day to use for YOU…on social media, in print, etc…. All yours! This offer will run through June 5th, 2019. Your special offer is $495 for a full day and 30 images. Please note… The going rate for this type of Personal Branding session normally runs $995 to $2400 depending on the session length and number of images provided. The price offered to YOU during the next four months is to help build a portfolio with some interesting and unique people and their businesses and personal style — and to diversify. This is designed to help you too.
If you would like a professional session of this nature, On location OR in studio- Contact Me. This is especially great for those who need NEW LinkedIn photos or who work from home or have a small business they would like to have commercial use images for use in marketing campaigns. Commercial use images are different from normal photo session images in that YOU have permission to edit and use for your business. Normal photo session images are personal use only. Commercial use let’s you use them in print for promotions without infringing on copyrights. Commercial use does NOT mean you OWN the photo rights but that you have usage rights that don’t come with a normal everyday style photo session.  If YOU think this can benefit you (or someone you know), message me at I would love to hear from you. Sessions available starting March 15th through June 5th, 2019.

Let's show the World what you do.
Personal Brand Banner for Sky Diver and or Pilot.


Where do YOU want to travel in 2019?

Traveling is an adventure. Where will the road take YOU in 2019. Share it here!

Twenty-Nineteen is a NEW year…and yes, I know we are currently on day 46 of the new year. That doesn’t seem very new…however, we have 319 days of adventure left. Each day is a new adventure so that means we have 319 adventures left to enjoy! Where will you travel over those days?
I have explored the Mother Road or one small section of it in 2019. I have visited Parsons, KS for a photo exploration and a visit with a Jeep enthusiast and Car Expert.
I have traveled to the region in the Midwest of the United States to Ozarks’ “Wine Country” and “Little Germany”. In Hermann, MO, you can go antiquing, visit several wineries, take a train ride to St. Louis or Kansas City, and explore nature on a hike or take a wine trail…. The possibilities are amazing. Don’t forget zip-lining too (in season of course)!

I have also traveled to Jenks, Oklahoma to visit some historians and aviation enthusiasts! Do you like planes?  Are you a history buff? Do you like the 1940’s and learning about WWII up close and personal? Check out the restoration I got to visit here. This is my second WWII plane. My first was a B-17 Bomber in 2016. Well, it might be more interesting after you see these photos! See MORE WWII photos Here! Join the adventures! Create your own #AdventuresWithMisha2019 ! Let’s take a trip!

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Fall’s Wild Walk

Life is Beautiful. So are YOU!

Nature is wonderful, magical and exciting. Walking Wild is refreshing. Did YOU know…

YOU can have a photo session with Misha’s Photography and Restoration at the Zoo! Schedule your WILD WALK session NOW!

Call our Broken Arrow office at: 405-730-9188 OR send an email to

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2018 RoadTrippin!

Happy Easter! Spring is in the Air!

RT66 Okla-Seniors2017-18
locations in Oklahoma along historic Rt 66, aka “The Mother Road”

Summer is all about FUN

What is more fun than time in or on the water, vacations, and Road Trips?

Let’s do ALL OF THESE!!

Rt 66 is known as “the Mother Road” and was a very popular route for road trips before all the Highways and By-ways were built to connect everything. Oklahoma has a good portion of that “Mother Road” to her landscape and some really cool opportunities for photo session opportunities! So… what are you waiting for? Let’s Go! #RoadTrippin #Route66 #TheMotherRoadPhotog

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Dad of the Year!

What does your “Man of the Year” mean to YOU? Tell Him.

Father’s Day is June 17th, 2018.

What will you get for your Dad of the Year?

Do you do things with him instead of gift giving?

Do you give gifts to show your love and appreciation?

No matter what the answer, We have a special solution for BOTH of YOU!

Father’s Day is TWELVE Days away!


IF you are a giver: We can schedule a session for your family as a surprise gift for children-christmas-daughter-46252Dad from ALL of YOU… Dads treasure time together and when you are working hard through the day, sometimes a nice family photo on your desk is a great visual to help get you through any work day.




buildings-businessman-city-561458.jpgIS Your Dad a Business Man?? We now do Personal Brand Photography… Contact Us and Let’s talk MORE about this NEW OFFER!

adult-adventure-biker-1010557.jpgIF you are a Do-er: We can tag along on your adventure (scheduling is important here) so you each have photographic evidence of the adventure without all the camera hassle and fuss….


basket-child-daytime-933185.jpgIF you are a giver and a do-er: We can schedule a session for the two of you to show just how special you truly are to each other–this is something you can DO together and get together.

Contact us NOW and let’s surprise Your Dad of the Year! Happy Fathers Day!


High School Celebrations: Are YOU Ready?

Everyone has a story to tell. Each Senior who is ready to graduate has 18 years of life to celebrate in ONE set of photos to be remembered for the next 10 to 20 years … How will YOU be remembered for your Graduating year??

Senior Sessions tell YOUR story. Senior year is an end and a beginning. It’s the last year of childhood and the beginning of your future. It’s a crossroads with many choices. Each one is unique to the person experiencing it. Your photo session should tell your story. It should be unique like you. So Let’s Tell it NOW! Get them done early and have them ready for the Yearbook Ads that are due at the beginning of December each year (at Broken Arrow HS)….

Class of 2018: Congrats to YOU!                                Class of 2019: Let’s tell some stories!

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Personal Branding

What is Personal Branding?

That is YOU and What YOU do as a business owner and Entrepreneur.

This is a new service offered by Misha’s Photography and Restoration. If you have a launch for a product, service or business, contact me. If you want to refresh your professional image, contact me. If you need photos for a start up, contact me.

I’d love to help YOU with your PB-Photography! (click the link to learn MORE about this particular brand of photography.) Let’s get together soon!


Fat Tuesday

Colors of Mardi Gras. What do they mean to YOU?

Did you know that “Mardi Gras” means “fat tuesday” in french? Mardi Gras is also the last day of Shrovetide… a three day celebration of merrymaking associated with carnival. On Shrove Tuesday some reflect on wrongs and things to repent or of things to make ammends for. Then comes Ash Wednesday….Lent.

The colors of mardi gras are gold, emerald green, and royal purple. These colors used to have specific meanings and not just a representation of the “holiday”. Gold stood for Power. The Sparkling Emerald Green stood for Faith. Royal Purple stood for Justice. Beads of each color were given to those who represented the trait that color symbolized.

Which color would represent You? Which color would You like to represent You? (They are not always the same. Lucky YOU if they are!)

Well. . . Here is hoping you have a wonderful Mardi Gras. Laissez le bon temps rouler!



Fae Tales and Dream Ale…

Fae Tales and Dream Ale…

The story for this Hallow’s Eve….

The 13 days of Hallow’s Eve…. a tale or two with some ale or a good brew….

why? Fall has arrived. It’s my favorite time of year these days. ….and 2017 is full of faery tales and dreams, wishes and screams, heroes and villains and many other fantasy things! Join us and see what is coming to the studio this Hallow’s Eve…


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