The Year 2020

Well, as most will agree, 2020 didn't go the way we all imagined when we started our new year's resolutions. I stopped shooting in 2020 due to the pandemic. Add to that a growing family and my time went elsewhere. Distance learning in schools, children, lock-down, avoiding exposure.... We all experienced it. I did a... Continue Reading →

Who Keeps You Safe?

Have you ever seen a Fire Fighter Challenge Demo? YOU are in Luck! The community of Wagoner County, OK is celebrating with an annual event again in 2017! Are you curious yet? Check this out! We attended last year's expo and had a blast!! Do you remember these photos? Last year there was A LOT going... Continue Reading →

Tea Time Traditions

Tea Time Traditions are many. Tea has a history in America dating back to the colonies when the Boston Tea Party took place. While I would love to shoot a re-enactment of the Boston Tea Party, I am actually offering a different setting that has actually become a quaint childhood right of passage for many... Continue Reading →

WWII Veterans – the B-17

The Flying Fortress: B-17 Over the weekend of May 20th - 22nd, 2016, we had the chance to visit with some Veterans and a very special organization from Texas. There are apparently only ELEVEN flying B-1 bombers left in the world today. We took the time to change our weekend plans to visit the Texas... Continue Reading →

Specials: the Day for Mothers

I know. Every day is special for mothers when you are a Mom. Moms deserve to be celebrated daily...but sometimes we take every day people for granted. Moms are special. Moms are the ones who are there for you from the first moment of your life up until the very last day of hers...No one... Continue Reading →

Events: Emergency Preparedness Expo

We visited the Emergency Preparedness Expo this past Saturday (March 26th). Have you heard of it? Tis the season--tornado season -- when emergency responders in Oklahoma are kept very busy. Between tornadoes, fires, and floods, spring creates LOTS of work for these crews and the volunteers involved. It was a beautiful day to be outside.... Continue Reading →

Portraits: Generations

Generations...what do YOU think of when you hear that word? Do your thoughts stray to family? tradition? someone special? Most people do family portraits that include their immediate family. Generations Portraits include more than just the household family we normally include in our holiday cards. Usually it is Grandma, Daughter(s), Granddaughter(s). These are lasting memories... Continue Reading →

Pet Portraits-Suzie

Pet Portraits are fun and can show such unexpected adventure.  That adventure can be seen in your own backyard like Penny's portrait or on location like Suzie's portrait! It’s great to see your pet happy and having fun no matter where you are. During the fall, some even have a great time with dressing up... Continue Reading →

Pet Portrait-Penny

Pet Portraits Did you know these could be done in your own backyard? Pet Portraits are fun and can show such unexpected adventure. It's great to see your pet happy and having fun...and during the fall, it's great when your pet will let you dress them up and do a photo session too! What are... Continue Reading →

Mother’s Day 2015

Mother's Day 2015: How did YOU spend Mother's Day? It has become almost a tradition for my Mother and my Daughter to spend the day at OKRF on Mother's Day. Three generations together at Fair. A great time enjoyed by all. Mother's Day at the Castle has it's favorites....there are always "must see" acts. While... Continue Reading →

Community Volunteers

Warm weather is almost here and schedules are getting busier by the minute. I want to take a moment and say Thank You to some really important people. We all have volunteers in our community. Most Home Owners' Associations (HOAs) are made up of volunteers. Some Fire and Rescue teams are made up of volunteers.... Continue Reading →

Smash Cake Party!

Smash Cake Sessions are GREAT FUN for Everyone! Young Mister Kolton had a great session on Sunday. He celebrated his first year which is normally what a smash cake session is for. Why do we call it "smash cake"?...If your a Marvel fan as both my children are, you have heard the quote "HULK SMASH!"... Continue Reading →

Sirens of the Deep at OKRF

Sirens of the Deep... Sirena: The Sirens ... The Sirens…. Ladies of the sea with voices to sooth, entrance, and capture the hearts and souls of men throughout eternity…. This is what I think of when I hear the word “siren”. Siren encompasses so much more depth and feeling than “mermaids”…and I don’t think all... Continue Reading →

Conservation and Education

Conservation & Education... and how do those fit in with Photography? ( I am so glad you asked...) May is a big month of Renaissance Fair visits for me if I am lucky. I enjoy meeting people and trying new things. These Fairs make those things possible. My original fair (and "home fair" if you... Continue Reading →

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