Sirens of the Deep at OKRF

Sirens of the Deep…

Ladies of the Deep
Ladies of the Deep

Sirena: The Sirens …

The Sirens….

Ladies of the sea with voices to sooth, entrance, and capture the hearts and souls of men throughout eternity…. This is what I think of when I hear the word “siren”. Siren encompasses so much more depth and feeling than “mermaids”…and I don’t think all mermaids can sing.Castle Plunder and Pilage weekend 2014

Most people hear the word “siren” and think song, mermaid, sea, mythology. I saw a stage act at the Renaissance Fair at the Castle of Muskogee this May. Sirena. These three lovely Ladies embody the word “Siren.”

All three are beautifully enchanting in voice, appearance, and personality. Their music….to die for! It is captivating, hauntingly beautiful, and full of soulful passion. It sounds tribal with the drums (played by the Sirens as they sing AND dance!). It makes me long for the ocean waves crashing against the rocks…I would say crashing against the hull of a huge 10309735_751542471533919_2614705823734075108_npirate ship…but I must confess that I do not know what that actually sounds like outside of the movies like “Pirates of the Caribbean.” However it does pick me up and carry me away to another time and place where mythology lives along with goddesses of the song and sea known as sirens… loved and feared by seafaring men worldwide and throughout time.

If you are fully curious and would like to know more about these Ladies of the Deep our modern day sirens: “Sirena”… please allow me to point you in a few different but well traveled paths of knowledge.

Sirena was on the cover of a renaissance magazine during the month of May in 2014-seen on a news stand coming out of Reasor’s….yet I have been unable to find the cover or the magazine since.

Theses ladies have Festival awards for “Best Music group” and “Best new cd”….They will enchant you. Aglaope (Amanda Ellis), Legeia (Tegan Elliott) and Raidne (Sam Nolte) are Sirena – sirens to love and enjoy while they sing to your very soul, should you dare to listen!

A couple of the influences on their music and style are Enya and Stomp… new age and celtic… with a touch of soul.

The Castle of Muskogee was alive with the invigorating music of the Sirens…. “Sirena” during the two weekends they were performing at the Castle on the Harbor stage. These beautiful and enchanting young women have voices that make their music come alive and are down to earth as well. It was wonderful to get the chance to see them at the Oklahoma Renaissance Festival.

As mentioned above, here are some other places to gain knowledge of these enchanting sirens of the new millennia. They have an official website. The trio has been together for about two or three years and have two cd’s out at the moment. You can shop for Sirena here to obtain your own memorabilia of “Sirena”. They are also found on with two available downloads. Their site is a fun way to see photos of these lovely ladies at some of the past fairs at which they have performed.

Album Cover (NOT by Misha’s Photography) but a great representation of the enchanted Sirena and a good ad for their album (which I DO own).

And what music group as enchanting as this trio would not be found on

Muskogee’s Castle and Renaissance Festival was said to be a warm welcome to these beautiful Ladies. I know many people (both cast, vendors, and other stage acts as well as patrons at the fair) are hoping they revisit the Castle of Muskogee in May 2015. Look them up and discover some beautifully, soulful music….and the beauties behind it as well.

Best Wishes Sirena!

Captivating Creatures of Legend
Captivating Creatures of Legends


The music is hauntingly and beautifully uplifting with a tribal feel. You truly have to experience it for yourself.

Watch This Teaser!

Conservation and Education

Conservation & Education…

and how do those fit in with Photography?

( I am so glad you asked...)

May is a big month of Renaissance Fair visits for me if I am lucky. I enjoy meeting people and trying new things. These Fairs make those things possible. My original fair (and “home fair” if you will) is located at the Castle of Muskogee. It is held every weekend in May and runs FIVE wonderful weekends.Castle Plunder and Pilage weekend 2014

Conservation and Education have been found at OKRF through Royal Gauntlet Birds of Prey. I love animals. People are great. Animals are wonderous! Maybe that is because they are such a mystery and cannot “answer” (in the traditional style of conversation) to tell us what we want to know or explain what we wonder about. Then again there are times I am sure I would not want to be able to understand  what the creatures of the earth haveCastle Plunder and Pilage weekend 2014 to say….

Soaring the skies on the wings of a bird is an amazing fantasy…it was brought to life before your eyes in Lord of the Rings, comic book series such as Elf-Quest (Siege at Blue Mountain-“Gliders“), X-men (see those that can fly such as Storm and Rogue), Justice League (through characters like Hawkgirl), and in many other ways and forms over the years. Soaring high above the earth is why people wanted to fly and why airplanes were invented after all….sometimes we just forget how magical life can be.

Nature cCastle Plunder and Pilage weekend 2014an be magical if we take the time to look around. Most of the time life has us so busy that w e are running around in circles trying to find ourselves….not to mention the beauty of life in its natural state of presence. This year’s fair held some beautiful wonders and some answers too.

Royal Gauntlet hasCastle Plunder and Pilage weekend 2014 made it possible for children (of all ages) to see different species of raptors that most wouldn’t normally come across…and if they did…well, it’s sometimes hard for people to tell the difference between one type of bird and another. People have mistaken a Eurasian Eagle Owl for a Great-horned Owl at fair. It is nice to be able to see and learn about the different creatures out there we know nothing about.

You see most ofCastle Plunder and Pilage weekend 2014 us research what we come into contact with. We could easily find information on a local
species. And while the internet makes it easier to find all kinds of information on anything your heart desires, sometimes it is hard to find information on what you don’t realize exists.

Going to the fairs and seeing the difference up close and personal can make a big difference. It can also give an experience that makes you want to know more!Castle Plunder and Pilage weekend 2014

Creating that in a child is an awesome power that can take a child so far int
o an adventure that otherwise would never have been. That is education. Education leads to conservation also in some aspects. The more you know, the more you can do. I have enjoyed the opportunity to photograph many species over the years that I would not have had the chance any where else. It has been a pleasure and a privilege…. Thank You!

If you would like to know more about these beautiful creatures of the skies…and even like to help with education and conservation, please visit Twisted Family Creations on They have started making nesting boxes to help our North American Kestrels survive and thrive.


Pirates of the Renaissance: OKRF

Pirates of the Renaissance:

Renaissance Fairs…specifically OKRF

visit the Castle of Muskogee to meet them (and more) personally…

“…Yo-Ho-Ho and a Bottle of Rum…”

Mother's Day at the Castle of MuskogeeMother's Day at the Castle of Muskogee

The Jolly Rogers can be seen at numerous fairs. check out OKRF (Oklahoma Renaissance Fair) every weekend in May. This particular fair is held (where else?) at the Castle of Muskogee.

The Jolly Rogers (Original Singing Pirates of the Midwest) have a  “home” fair at KCRF (Kansas City Renaissance Fair). The Kansas City Ren-fair is held in September and October annually.

The Jolly Rogers are even on iTunes!

While you are visiting both Fairs (KCRF & OKRF), you can also catch site of The Musical Blades. Both Pirate groups are a fun group of pirates to run into Mother's Day at the Castle of Muskogeeat any fair.

There are many Ren-fairs held all over the country and a popular weekend theme for most fairs running multiple weekends is “Pirate weekend.”
And why not? What boy doesn’t want to be a pirate? Fierce and free, roaming the high seas while hunting for treasures and fun where ever they may be….

Mother's Day at the Castle of Muskogee

Pirate weekend is a wonderful time to treasure hunt, find your favorite pirate mate, or just shove off on a cool new adventure at a Renaissance fair. Some have a blast dressing up and blending in…others like to just tour or visit the vast possibilities in civilian clothing.

Fairs like these offer great people watching and photographic experiences. Anyone who loves to people watch enjoys a fair…whether it be a state fair, county fair, renaissance fair or small church festival…it’s all FUN! 🙂

Thank you to the 19th annual Oklahoma Renaissance Fair for a wonderful adventure and for all the people who made the visits much more exciting and adventurous! I hope to have the chance to make the KCRF in 2014…hello September-October–you’ll be here before we know it!

Engagements: Mr & Mrs of Tomorrow

Happily Ever After

Everyone should have one!

As little girls, we were read fairy tales that always ended in “…happily ever after!”  As children, most girls dream of being that beautiful princess swept away by her prince into their own “…happily ever after.” As Teenagers and adults alike, most women have an idea of the perfect wedding and the perfect dress that begin the day of “happily ever after.”


Now i know some of you will argue that the day of happily ever after started the day you met or on the first date ….but you aren’t pronounced “husband and wife” or “Mr. and Mrs.” until that day you say “I do” which is why (for this blog) we are starting happily ever after on the wedding day. 

one Princess's Happily Ever After....the beginning.
one Princess’s Happily Ever After….the beginning.

So…back to that “perfect day”….

A Cinderella moment: a bride on her perfect day
A Cinderella moment: a bride on her perfect day

Companies like Disney and Warner Brothers have helped these fairy tales take on a new life for several generations…and while that picture is changing with each generation, we all want to find love and happiness. Sometimes it takes a while to find your “happily ever after” and each one is very different from the one that came before. As friends (and photographers), we see a lot of change as our friends find that “perfect day” taking place.


Wishing you long life and happiness together always!
New Ties &  Futures Intertwined Together Forever!

This time of year, love is in the air and Princesses all over are planning that “june wedding” and living large in love looking forward to that perfect day to ….happily ever after.

Congratulations to all the Princesses with bright new futures and wonderful beginnings ahead. May you find your true love and your happily ever after ….and hold on for the adventure of a lifetime! 🙂