Senior Photos

Seniors 2015!

A new school year is here and that means a new group of seniors nearing graduation. It is SO EXCITING!

Each school year is unique and each student is even more unique. Each circle of the calendar brings in more changes and new things to find, discover and explore. We, as individuals, all have different interests and talents. Each student’s senior year is about exploration and learning. It’s discovery time…find your self and that mysterious path to the future…ANYTHING is POSSIBLE.

Dream BIG! Find your passions…and let’s explore putting those dreams and goals into your senior pictures! Create and share your dreams and your memories with friends and family. This is a wonderful time full of life and possibilities! Embrace it.

Let’s go have some FUN!

freeze that moment in time!
Graduation, Senior Year – a once in a lifetime experience!
Freeze THIS moment in time!
Senior Photos

Memorial Day 2013

Memorial Day Military FlagsMemorial Day means many things to many people.

The holiday was set in place to show appreciation and respect for our military service persons. This particular holiday was formerly known as Decoration Day. Its origins came after the American Civil War in order to commemorate the Union and Confederate soldiers who died in the Civil War. By the 20th century, Memorial Day became a day to honor all Americans who have died while in military service. For some it is also a time to remember loved ones whether in military service or not. For others (such as children) it is the beginning of summer.

flowers decorating and remembering 2012
Freedom is hard won and the price was AND is very HIGH….

Sometimes history is hard to relate to. Make it personal. discover your family roots and see how long your family has fought for your freedoms, your rights, your current way of life. America may be young but we can continue to be a great nation! Love, honor and respect are a great part of that heritage. We should pass that on to our children and their children for as long as we value our freedoms, our way of life, and those who have served.

“Some gave all…” is not just a phrase. One life is all we have no matter how we choose to spend it. There are soldiers who never came home because it wasn’t possible. There were some who came home only to be laid to rest and their families at least have closure. There are others who continue to serve over and over and over again in the danger zone of war and strife all over the world because they are needed and they believe in the right of freedom.

To all of these soldiers….

no matter their time, their place, or their branch of service….

“Thank You!”


“God Bless YOU”