Excel at ART at 73!

Retired Man becomes

One-of-a-Kind Artist!

This is an amazing story! I love that a 73 year old man who is retiring is also still looking into the future with a positive and tech-savy outlook! I wish more people would grasp that outlook! I know plenty of people who seem to think they are too old to learn.

New Artist using Microsoft Excel to paint Japanese Art at 73!

Mr.¬†Tatsuo Horiuchi is a wonderful artist who uses Microsoft Excel to paint original Japanese art. He isn’t the first to use Excel to paint with….but he is the first to paint Japanese motifs with it. Way to Go!!! A new and fulfilling career as an artist at 73!

You, sir, are a role model and hero for all! I am so glad I ran across the original blog post on facebook.com. Please read it here!