Your Personal Brand…What does that mean?

What is Personal Brand? Why do I need this? How can it help me? Read more to find the answers.

The first question most people ask when you say “Personal Brand Photography” is “what is that?” or “What does that mean?” Would YOU like to know what Personal Branding is? Read on.

Let's show the World what you do.
Personal Brand Banner for Sky Diver and or Pilot.

Personal Branding is YOU. Personal branding tells the world WHO you are. Personal branding is done every day. You may be familiar with the term “selfie”. Teens take these cell phone photos all the time. It shows who they are, what they like, what they do, where they go, who they hang out with…. it’s their story.

Personal Brand Photography is YOUR story about YOUR business. It tells who you are as an entrepreneur, as a person. WHO are you? WHAT do you DO? WHERE do you do business (hang out)? WHAT is your lifestyle? WHY should I do business with you as a consumer?…. Personal brand photography is marketing and photography that tells YOUR STORY.

The people who do business with you no longer want to know just where your business is located or what you sell/do or what service you provide. They want to KNOW YOU!

While selfies are great for teens who don’t realize how those photos can be great in the moment but might not do you justice in two weeks or two years, professional photos are geared toward setting your business in the spotlight of positive image and positive story telling so that your consumers KNOW who they are doing business with and why. Personal Brand Photography is a commercial service offered to the local business who wants to be real and personable with their clients; a service meant to be used online, in brochures, social media sites, as self advertising! What business owner couldn’t use a great professional image and a service that saves time in the long run? Personal brand photography offers content YOU, the business owner, do NOT have to work at collecting but still have to post. Instead of an hour or three a day trying to write content, take and post photos, for all the social media sites today…YOU get to have someone spend 4 to 8 hours with you to tell YOUR stories and all you have to do is add content and post.

When I say “stories”, we all have more than one aspect to our business. As you can see in the above gallery. My stories show MY life… I am a photographer, mother, wife, sister, daughter, and friend with many hobbies, interests and Photography can fit into any and ALL of those things. Posting family photos shows the personal side of you and when building relationships with clients, isn’t that what you want to do? (and no, I don’t mean post your private life out on social media as a diary. I mean share a piece of WHO you are.) Sharing who you are is part of what you do when you own a small business. People who are small business entreprenuers often have family help in running their business or have a LOT of support from family members.

Keep in mind, This is a professional service that EVERYONE can use. It applies to ANY Industry that requires advertisements, marketing, online presence, etc. Personal Brand Photography is the “business selfie” so-to-speak. The stories You CHOOSE to tell are YOUR choice. (Your business. Your staff. Your family. Your clients.) You choose a story, or two or three. I photograph them. You post them.Who doesn’t need to tell their story (or tell someone they have a product that the consumer of today needs)? Even Photographers need Personal Brand Photography and someone else to assist with that concept.

Now that you know what it is…What story would YOU like the world’s consumers to know? Contact me to set up your session NOW!

Personal Branding with Photography- What’s That?

Two Thousand Nineteen is a wonderous year! This year as a professional photographer, I have a new offering. Since this is a new offer, I’d like to start this offer with YOU- my Blog Readers!–the people who visit me online! The offer is simple: A ½ (half) or full Day; YOU (your business/home/family); Your interactions in life, home & business…with me to show the world what YOU do. Love WHO you ARE and love WHAT you DO! So you’re asking “what is Personal Brand Photography?”


Personal Branding Photography is for Cosplayers, Theatre Cast Members and Stage Show Members, Pilots, First Responders, Photographers (yes we need photos too), Adoption Agents, Authors, Bloggers, Web Designers, Bands, Musicians, Doctors, Lawyers, Cowboys, Models, Actresses, and anyone else with something to promote. Personal Branding can help you with your social media accounts, any type of ads (print or digital), online posts, blogs, and other marketing materials. Anything in print or online that uses photos for grabbing attention can be part of your Personal Brand Photography session. It’s all about branding YOU and/or YOUR BUSINESS (your character, your cause, your lifestyle both professionally and personally because You are Both!).
Your choice of 15 digital images from the day to use for YOU…on social media, in print, etc…. All yours! This offer will run through June 5th, 2019. Your special offer is $495 for a full day and 30 images. Please note… The going rate for this type of Personal Branding session normally runs $995 to $2400 depending on the session length and number of images provided. The price offered to YOU during the next four months is to help build a portfolio with some interesting and unique people and their businesses and personal style — and to diversify. This is designed to help you too.
If you would like a professional session of this nature, On location OR in studio- Contact Me. This is especially great for those who need NEW LinkedIn photos or who work from home or have a small business they would like to have commercial use images for use in marketing campaigns. Commercial use images are different from normal photo session images in that YOU have permission to edit and use for your business. Normal photo session images are personal use only. Commercial use let’s you use them in print for promotions without infringing on copyrights. Commercial use does NOT mean you OWN the photo rights but that you have usage rights that don’t come with a normal everyday style photo session.  If YOU think this can benefit you (or someone you know), message me at I would love to hear from you. Sessions available starting March 15th through June 5th, 2019.

Let's show the World what you do.
Personal Brand Banner for Sky Diver and or Pilot.


Personal Branding

What is Personal Branding?

That is YOU and What YOU do as a business owner and Entrepreneur.

This is a new service offered by Misha’s Photography and Restoration. If you have a launch for a product, service or business, contact me. If you want to refresh your professional image, contact me. If you need photos for a start up, contact me.

I’d love to help YOU with your PB-Photography! (click the link to learn MORE about this particular brand of photography.) Let’s get together soon!