Mother’s Day 2015

Mother’s Day 2015:

How did YOU spend Mother’s Day? It has become almost a tradition for my Mother and my Daughter to spend the day at OKRF on Mother’s Day. Three generations together at Fair. A great time enjoyed by all.

Happy Mother's Day!
Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day at the Castle has it’s favorites….there are always “must see” acts. While we enjoy OKRF, we do have our favorites. The Jolly Rogers, The Brothers Dimm (also known as the Mud Men), Karma Dogma Show, and usually the birds of Prey show…however we missed that one. Royal Gauntlet used to do the show and now it is Knight Wing. We visited the Italian quarter and saw Tribal Circus. We tried Wulgamut but the echo inside the cave made it too loud to enjoy so we weren’t able to stay long. This doesn’t affect everyone and they are worth the listen…if the cave gets to you then catch them at pub-sing at the crown inn towards the end of the day.

If you got the chance to spend the day with your Mom…then you had a very special day indeed. IF you did not, don’t think you missed out. Make a date and spend the day with her any day! Mother’s day can be any day regardless of your calendar. Mothers are special and any day is a great day to spend with MOM. ❤

Happy Mother’s Day to ALL the Moms out there…and God Bless each and every one of YOU!


Cinco de Mayo at the Castle!

At the Castle for Cinco de Mayo!

How did you spend your weekend?

I spent mine shutter-bugging at the Castle of Muskogee! The Castle hosted it’s 18th annual opening weekend of “the Oklahoma Renaissance Festival”. The festival takes place every Saturday and Sunday from May 4th through June 2nd of 2013.  It’s a great place to experience new and old things alike. You can see craftsman that still do blacksmithing and ladies that keep the art of spinning alive. You can find jewelry makers, book sellers, clothiers, and all sorts of entertainers at the Castle this month.
Come fly with us at the Castle!

You can see pirates, sword fights, jousting and dancing, a live chess match, belly dancers, and the children can get knighted or become ladies-in-waiting. You can visit the Italian quarter and see a tribal circus; visit Angus’ land and buy a kilt; take a carriage ride; see a birds of prey show; the possibilities are endless! 😀

If you saw the Birds of Prey show this weekend or you catch it any time this year during fair, PLEASE!–visit and leave some feedback telling the creators what you thought of the show.

….there is more to come….see what else we find this year at the Castle of Muskogee!



May Day! May Days!

May is an AWESOME month!

A lot happens in May around the Tulsa and Broken Arrow areas.

May's schedule for the Tulsa area found here!
Tulsa News!

May 1st is May Day (or Beltane, if you travel the wiccan or celtic circles of life). This is the time to celebrate spring time, good crops, births and new life in general….though with this year’s record history of snowfall in Oklahoma in MAY(!)…spring might be hard to see at the moment.

May 4th, FREE comic book day! Don’t forget to visit your local comic book store such as Starbase 21, Vintage Stock for great deals! “May the 4th be with you”…..National Star Wars day! 😉

Star Wars, a New Hope
MAY the Force be With You!

May 5th, Cinco de Mayo….I know a lot of us will be celebrating Saturday night instead of Sunday due to work and church but celebrations are good and they usually include a healthy dose of FUN!

OKRF at the Castle of Muskogee

May 4th & 5th also opens up the Oklahoma Renaissance Festival at the Castle of Muskogee for the 2013 season! YES! I knew that’s what you were waiting to hear, right? 😉 This year the fair (OKRF) runs through June 1 & 2….for a 5 week run! Each weekend is a different themed celebration at the Castle.

May 4th & 5th is romance weekend. May 10th is student day. May 11th & 12th celebrates Mother’s Day.  May 18th & 19th is Pirate weekend! arrgh! May 25th, 26th and 27th is Celtic weekend with a salute to our troops on Memorial Day (the 27th).  June 1st & 2nd is Gypsy Bazaar!

We absolutely cannot forget Mother’s Day which falls on May 12th this year. Mothers deserve to be celebrated. Don’t forget to let your Mom know how important she is in your life this year.

Graduations from High School and Colleges all over the state also take place in mid-May….so

Up…Up…and away….as high as the moon and stars….

congratulate your friends and family members for their accomplishments and enjoy the summer with them too!

Memorial Day!! (May 27th, 2013) That day that begins the swim season for so many…Bring on SUMMER!!! and don’t forget to remember our troops, the men and women who have served over the years so we can enjoy our rights and freedoms in our own way and in our own time.

Freedom isn’t free….all gave some, but some gave ALL. God Bless Our Troops….

Thank a Veteran…Hug a Soldier…or just say a Prayer for those who are currently serving & away from families of their own.

May is definitely a wonderful and busy month!

Leave a comment and let us know what you do with it!

Halloween Festival – October Holidays!

I love the Month of October!

I know you are probably tired of hearing me say that but it is so true. It is the time for fun and lots of events are taking place. Check out Haunted Castle at the Castle of Muskogee. I love costumes and photos and people! This is the perfect time and place for both!

For more photos, please visit my gallery. Don’t forget to Call 918-381-7972 for your Halloween Session!


Everyone Knows Your Name…

I wanted to scope out a site for a halloween or goth shoot. I had a place in mind for a while and finally got the chance to stop in and do some test shots. the place isn’t as pristine as I thought (or had hoped)…and was actually more appalling than I could have imagined………..

half buried headstone

This headstone looks brand new. If it is indeed new then why is it half buried? How is it that the Director of the Cemetery lets this happen? The cemetery gets mowed but it seems that is all it gets.

Now I have no idea if this cemetery is a private cemetery, a county or city cemetery or who is responsible. Remember, this started out as a scouting mission for a future shoot of another kind. However, my Aunt does genealogy and a few other bloggers on here inspired me to post this as a blog. I think the people need to know and here is why…

still interring loved ones todayThis photo (to the left) was taken in the same cemetery on the same day as all the other photos in this blog post. Kevin J. Johnson was laid to rest in 2007. that is fairly recent and he obviously still has loved ones around that miss him. I would be outraged if I was his family! Well ok I am a little angry at this and I don’t have anyone laid to rest here that I know of…

which way?

You would think that this is two different graves, side by side. I have no idea. I can’t tell. I can tell you that this has a stone or cement edge around it and looks as though it could hold about four graves. There is only this marker inside the cement edge. the headstone you see is clearly visible. The writing is clear. The stone is actually facing west (the one you can read). That is one reason I believe this is the same marker. I think the stone came off of the base and was never put right. This is not the first….

bush whackedThis is a marker. It is in the back (north and west side) of the cemetery. If you can’t tell, there are yellow flowers trapped in the tree/shrubbery with the marker. I couldn’t even read the marker. I couldn’t get to it.

To me this screams of disrespect for the place you are suppose to care for. The sign clearly states there is a director and that any changes have to go through that person.

The only thing missing is a building that shows Director Rulesan office present or a phone number on how to reach this particular person. I would love be able to contact the Director! Hopefully after this post so will other people.

The southern end of the facility looks nice and kept up and even sports a brand new looking sign declaring what the name of the cemetery is….so glad of that much! I honestly hope this shows that they are working on cleaning it up…but OMG!!!

I was almost in tears after leaving this place and as I said, I don’t personally know any person nor do I have any relations laid to rest here. My Aunt was in tears. It was very upsetting to say the least.

There are several United States Soldiers laid to rest here. They date back to World War I!

There are soldiers who served in WWI, WWII, Korea, and there are many children laid to rest here also.

Their sign is misleading to me. It clearly states “Dedicated to those we love…rest in peace”

There are so many that just don’t look at peace….undisturbed, cared-for graves are one thing. Graves that are trodden over every day….??? This next photo is a grave that is obviously in the middle of a path…the only way to get to the wooded area….

I can’t see how this person or their relativesPath way OVER my grave? would have any peace. When you lay someone to rest, it isn’t suppose to be in the path of someone…walking on graves is suppose to be disrespectful.  Yet if you look here, you can see that walking over the Martin grave is the only way to get to the one in the back of the photo.

At first I thought this was the worst of it.

It turns out, if you look at the weeds that are about waste high in the right of the picture, there is a grave marker hidden in the weeds and bushes. I was totally appalled!

I have had people ask me if this was a pauper’s cemetery or other various types and the answer is “I don’t know”. I only know what the signs say and what I saw. All of that….or most of that, I am sharing with you here.

Let me know your thoughts on the matter….and if you know whether or not this problem is being worked on or is a really big problem spiraling southward….I won’t mind hearing about that either……Leave a comment! Please!

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