Spring 2012

While spring is not officially here until March 21st, Spring break is right around the corner!

Harris Hawk
Royal Gauntlet Birds of Prey

The weather here in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area has been giving us sneak peeks at what is to come. I hope some have been able to get out and enjoy it! I cannot wait! I am looking forward to more outdoor shoots and the ren-fairs that are coming too!

Senior Portraits taken outdoors are almost in session! On location photography is starting to bloom for the year too! Such an exciting time! Come and JOIN US!


Photo FUN!

Photo Collage
Photos by Roger Toliver - Collage by Misha

Photo Collages are a popular thing today. They are easily displayed, versatile, and creative.

I love projects like this as they incorporate all my favorite things about photography and people.

Have yours made today!

Misha’s photography can make a special collage from your favorite photos as a uniquely special gift to that special person or family member. Or, you can set up a session and have a collage done from your session photos.

Have FUN! The art of photos is ever changing as is the journey of life. Enjoy!

Contact us TODAY!

Morracan Room

Morracan Room

The most romantic, exotic room in T-town!

Tulsa is a wonderful place. I have lived here throughout most of my life and amazingly enough, I am still finding out things I didn’t know about Tulsa, OK — the place I grew up…..

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow….

If you are looking for a quaint, cozy, warm, romantic evening to share with your sweetheart….here is just the ticket for you!

I recently visited the “Inn at Woodward Park”. It’s right off of 21st street across from Woodward park located between Peoria and Utica.

This little bed and breakfast is marvelous! It has four rooms available for guest use.

Check it out:

Morracan Room

The most romantic, exotic room in T-town!

The Moroccan room is bold and exotic decorated with vivid blues, passionate reds and fabulous golds. It’s right out of a dream….think Arabian Nights, Sinbad….or any pirate you like (such as Jack Sparrow even)….

The innkeeper is a wonderful lady. Her name is Janet. She is very sweet, polite, accommodating and informative. The Inn has a beautiful sunroom  upstairs where you can enjoy coffee, or other refreshments as well as a formal dinning room for breakfast. You may also wish to opt for breakfast in bed….adds to the romanceIi mentioned earlier. After all,  we are talking “Valentine’s Day”.

Speaking of Romance…there is even a romance package that gives you wine (chilled) and cheeses and fruits all ready and waiting for your arrival if you order this when you reserve your stay at the Inn.

I had a glorious time relaxing in a jacussi tub and a four poster bed complete with curtains and a wonderful imagination….Use your imagination this Valentine’s Day and let The Inn at Woodward Park help you celebrate with your special Valentine!

One more wonderful thing about this inn…..it is soooooooo close to many dinning options….

Olive Garden at Utica Square, Polo Grill at Utica Square, P F Changs also at Utica Square….are not even one mile down the road! Isn’t that spectacular?? Cherry Street with its shops and dinning options is just around the corner too! Cherry Street is the area on Fifteenth Street between Utica and Peoria in Tulsa.

Plenty of Romance in the area….and a stroll through the park is great too….though the weather for this area has gone into winter for the week….Mother Nature decided to make winter snuggle weather for Valentine’s Day….imagine!!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!! Whatever you decide to do, I hope you enjoy it with someone special!

Royal Gauntlet Visit

This past weekend, I was fortunate to visit the Royal Gauntlet facility located in Coweta, OK. Royal Gauntlet is a rehabilitation and education facility for birds of prey.

teenage girl
today’s teens enjoy nature

Royal Gauntlet seems to attract the young adults of today which greatly increases the awareness factor for the future. So many young adults seem to be immersed in video games or the internet that nature and God’s creatures seem to take no seat at all unless they are part of the game. It is great to see exceptions while visiting the facilities.

Royal Gauntlet also does the Bird of Prey show at the Castle of Muskogee every weekend in May. If you are into education and birds of prey, this is worth checking out!

Eurasian Eagle Owl

Royal Gauntlet is very proud of their Eurasian Eagle Owl. He is called “Ritual” and it is amazing to see this owl fly! Eurasian Eagle Owls are the largest owl species on the planet and at the age of maturity, their eyes turn red! I can not wait to see Ritual reach that stage.

He is a most amazing creature and I feel incredibly blessed to have seen him at such a vantage point!

Royal Gauntlet currently has a beautiful representation of birds of prey. Harris hawks, Red-tailed hawks,  three varieties of falcons, and three varieties of owls.

I can’t wait until the fair arrives at the Castle of Muskogee so I can show you more of Royal Gauntlet and their birds.

See you again next week for the next update!

Tulsa, OK: Woodward Park

As a photographer, most people like to travel. It’s nice to get around and shoot places most people don’t get to see.

It has been discovered that even those who have lived in Tulsa, OK for 5 years or more may not have seen some of the local sites. With this in mind, I have decided to shoot some local areas and post those sites to my blog.

We will start with a very popular park located on 21st street and Peoria. This particular place has a lot of history and should be a “must see” to visitors for many reasons. The scenery is beautiful. The park itself has many areas with which to capture any visitor’s attention. It is conveniently located.  It offer 34 acres, designated parking, bathrooms, drinking fountains, plenty of park benches in various areas, picnic tables, covered gazebo, swings for the children, and trails that wind down through a variety of trees, shrubs, and flowers. Woodward park is home to The Tulsa Garden Center. It also has a greenhouse located in back of and across the parking lot of the mansion which houses a few tropical plants and fountains for your educational and/or viewing pleasure. Beside this is the arboretum…which is also a convenient place to walk your dog.

The History of Woodward Park

(see the Tulsa Garden Center)

“The city of Tulsa purchased a 45-acre tract of land in 1909 for $100 an acre from Herbert Woodward. This area, then called “Perryman’s pasture,” was part of a 160-acre allotment Helen Woodward, a Creek Indian had received from the Five Civilized Tribes Indian Commission. Helen was a minor when her father and guardian, Herbert Woodward, sold the land without her consent. She was fourteen.

 In 1925 Hellen Woodward Slemp (Mrs. S. H. Slemp) decided to test the sale of her allotment.  It became the subject of litigation in the Oklahoma Supreme Court.  After four years of court battle, Mrs. Slemp lost her case to the City of Tulsa.

Today the 45-acre park boasts a wide variety of horticultural delights, including rock gardens, an English herb garden, a terraced Italian Renaissance rose garden, a Victorian conservatory (Lord and Burnham), a three-acre arboretum and an azalea garden.”

Indian Spirit at Woodward Park
The Great Spirit

The statue is found at the northwest corner of the park near 21st and Peoria and can be viewed as Tulsans and visitors alike pass this way. Tulsa’s beautiful Woodward Park offers much to our local residents and visitors alike. It’s the perfect getaway for an hour or a day. You can study nature, relax on a blanket and read or watch the squirrels play, swing high as you did when you were a child and imaginations soared to the sky, or visit the rose garden, the mansion, the arboretum,bird sanctuary, or just go for a run….

The Route 66 Marathon that was ran this past October in 2011 had it’s 5k runners routed through this beautiful park with a band and a water station set up here too.

quote from shakespear
Find this quote from a famous Poet!

See if you can find this quote located in the park. William Shakespear even has a place here at Woodward Park…

It’s a beautiful setting in winter, spring, summer, or fall. Watch the daffodils, tulips, irises,roses and the azaelias bloom in the spring…. or watch the leaves fall from the oaks and the squirrels bury their cache….visit the reflection pools, fountains and gardens as often as you can…. you won’t regret it!

Outdoor Nature Walk in January!

Outdoor Nature Walk in January!

Oxley Nature Center, January 16th, 2012

I decided yesterday was such a beautiful day, that I had to be outside. After all, how often in January in  the middle of Oklahoma does the temperature reach 70 degrees??!! Well, the weather is known to change on a whim…but the temperatures of the day felt unusual.

I used the day to walk the trails at Oxley Nature Center located within Mohawk park area in Tulsa, OK.

There are many interesting trails that offer a variety of views. The photo to the right here represents one of the many sitting

Coyote Trail bench
along "Coyote Trail"

opportunities along the trails. This one happened to be on “Coyote Trail”.

You may think that you have better things to do on a nature walk or hike than sit on a bench…but here in Oxley Nature Center, if you sit quietly for a moment or two, you will see and photograph more than if you just hike or walk the trails. But there is opportunity for whatever your style here (except hunting). Oxley Nature Center is a nature preserve.

Coyote Trail past the bench area
through the woods...

While walking peacefully down the trail (see photo to the left) I couldn’t help but think of the fairy tale that talks about going “over the hills and through the woods to grandmother’s house…”

The photo here is just a good representation of that to me. I was even wearing a red zip-up hoody. Maybe that was a slight contribution to the line of thought. Who knows.  While walking, I had the opportunity to observe a herd of deer…count of about 10. They are such beautiful and graceful animals. The birds and their songs are quite varied here and there are marshes and ponds for bird watching as well. If you visit the Blue Heron Trail as I did, there are a few spots with blinds you can sit behind for observing the wildlife as well. It is very peaceful and awe inspiring for any nature lover.

site along the Blue Heron Trail
guardians of the water

The Tulsa area has many places that offer a wide range of outdoor photography opportunities and hiking too. They aren’t all manicured parks inside the city limits. But they all offer their own unique advantage. Some require travel. But some are nearer to home than you think (if you live in Tulsa, OK).

The Oxley Nature Center is located inside Mohawk Park.

The Redbud Nature Center is another great place with trails and is located near Catoosa, OK just east of Tulsa.

I know winter is still here, however outdoor photography is awesome! Spring is coming so keep in mind some of your favorite places and what photo shoot you would like to do this year and CALL US!

(918) 381-7972 If you would rather communicate via email then send us a message at misha@mishasphotography.com or

Find us on FaceBook: www.facebook.com/MishasPhotographyRestoration.

This year is still new and you can still decide what YOU want to do with it! Enjoy!

Open Hunt 2011

Open Hunt 2011

Hosted by: Royal Gauntlet Birds of Prey

This year’s open hunt was held in Coweta, OK off of highway 51.

The weather was good and the demonstrations were plentiful.

If you were there, you had a unique experience. Royal Gauntlet showed a Eurasian Eagle Owl, a Saker Falcon, a Peregrine Falcon, a Great Horned Owl,  a few Harris Hawks, a few Red-tailed Hawks, and a couple of flight demonstrations with certain birds.


Open Hunt is held each year at the beginning of November. If you missed the 2011 hunt, catch us next year in 2012. Reminders will be announced at the castle of Muskogee’s ren-fair as well as on Royal Gauntlet’s blog. . . . so come to the Castle of Muskogee to see the birds that were at open hunt. The ren-fair is held every weekend in May!


Happy New Year Baby
Treat the New Year Right…

It’s January 5th, 2012!

 We are FIVE days into the new year leaving 360 days to go….

What will you do with those days??

Spring is just around the corner!
When all things bloom and pictures are colorful…along with the birds and lil chicks of Easter time….Misha’s Photography would love to schedule appointments for Easter photos taken on location. Do you have a favorite place where you would like photos taken? Let us know.

As well as planning for spring and Easter photos, people also set New Years Resolutions at this time of year. Misha’s Photography also has goals for this coming New Year of 2012.


2012 Goals:

  1. To have each client enjoy their photographic experience with us.

  2. To share many styles of photography with you here on our blog.

  3. To grow our family  here at Misha’s Photography.

  4. To blog consistently every week this year.


Ally’s Corner

Ally and Boomer the Corgi
A woman and her dog

Ally has recently been working on a children’s book which stars her Corgi, Boomer.Here is a glimpse of Boomer on our photo shoot for the book:Children’s Literature Star – Boomer

Children's Literature Star - Boomer

He is very loving and very well loved. Fame will only introduce more love into Boomer’s life and the lives of the children who read about him and his adventures. Boomer the Farm dog….

Boomer on the Farm
Boomer the Farm dog....

Be sure to look for this charming story of Boomer on the farm….

It should open your heart to a whole new world …and your child might discover a dog with a big heart who loves to share the fun, love, and adventure that  reading can create.

Senior Pictures!

School is well in session, and by now, everyone is looking forward to fall break….maybe even christmas/winter vacation.

Before you go jumping ahead and wishing the year to half gone, think about the time with your friends…if you are a senior then this is your LAST year to enjoy life in high school. I know that sounds like a contradiction. Sometimes we have to be able to look backwards to know what we really had. Senior year is a bridge. It takes you from mature teenager to young adult and into college. College is a completely different chapter….

Back to that memorable, got-to-enjoy year that bridges your life from one stage to the next….let’s talk about preserving that year.

Photos are the best way to preserve, remember and share your senior year with friends, family, and friends yet to be…..With summer just about to become memory once again and Fall arriving very soon, you will want to think about getting those portraits done before Jack Frost decides to visit….though winter photos can be fun too and sporty even if the weather delivers that winter wonderland that provides snow forts and snowball fights in plenty.

I know there are plenty of options for senior pictures and I’m sure you do too. With today’s digital age, it’s easy to pick up a camera and have fun. That’s what senior pictures are all about: FUN! This is NOT your usual school photo, waiting in line, sitting in front of a camera and having one or two shots at that infamous school photo that will last until the next one takes its place. Senior Year Photos are SPECIAL. They are the photos friends will use to remember you by… and will often be the image friends and aquaintences see when they think of you for the next ten years… Senior pictures are the photos that reappear at most high school reunions. Make them unique and memorable!

My studio is not traditional. I prefer not to be couped up inside. I like to enjoy nature. This allows me to use nature as my canvas and to offer YOU a unique option. I travel for photos. I come to you or the location of your choice, or I can make suggestions for locations if you need me to. This insures that you get a unique set of photos to use for your SENIOR PICTURES. We are after all unique individuals and we all like to try and stand out amoung the crowd now and then.

Call (918) 381-7972 or email

to  make an appointment for your special photos.

Halloween Costumes and Ideas

Trick or Treat!

Halloween is right around the corner. Let’s face it. The market for Halloween costumes and decor is only a month or two long. Some people start shopping around the first of September and others wait until the first day of autumn.

If you need some ideas, read on. I hope you are just a little bit curious. I know I am. Halloween is a fun holiday to play and be a kid…no matter what your age.

Steam Punk is really popular in some areas and so are ren-fairs. Here is an awesome lady that does FANTABULOUS work. Her products are long-lasting, durable and have multiple uses…steam punk, ren-fair, Halloween, comic  cons, etc! Damsel in This Dress has three cyber locations to shop from. You can visit her shop on Artfire. You can visit her cyber-store on Etsy. You can also visit her website directly at www.damseldress.com or on Facebook!

Damsel In This Dress

This photo was taken by Christopher McCauley of McCauley Photography.

Michelle is a very creative seamstress with an awesome family behind her…and an awesome fan base of customers who will attest to her creativity and the quality of her work. Check her out! She also blogs and does YouTube! 

There are many ways to be creative especially this time of year!

Check out these ideas….submit photos if you already own a Damsel In This Dress outfit or part of one….and keep checking out her blog and Facebook page for more costumes for the season! They are wort it!

And if you happen to find that extraordinary outfit for whatever occassion and would like to freeze it in time for all eternity…contact me via email at misha@mishasphotography.com for a photo session! Halloween, Ren-fair, comic-con…or old fashioned FUN….make it memorable!

Holidays to Come!

 Holiday photos and FUN!

Photos are a lot of fun, especially around the holidays.


Halloween is  one of my favorite holidays because it offers the chance to be a kid again. As a child (like most little girls) I loved to play dress-up. Halloween is the perfect holiday to play dress up. You can get into costumes with friends and family and have a blast throughout the month of October. September and October are also the easiest month to find costumes for plays, parties, and re-enactments or anything else you might need them for.

Halloween Express is one of my favorite costume stores here in Tulsa, OK. They offer lots of accessories, costumes, and decorations for you to be as modest or as wild and fantastic as you wish for whatever party you are having.

Costumed photographs of you and your child on location at your favorite “haunted” house could be a great party! Childhood memories that last forever are what the holidays are all about. It also gives children ideas to work from when they get older and have a family of their own. (Not that we as parents like to think our children have reached that point yet–whatever their age)


Thanksgiving is another favorite holiday though not as wild as Halloween. Thanksgiving offers lots of family gatherings and traditions, not to mention football games and parades!

Events such as parades are awesome times to party in a different way. Need a photographer to photograph your parade group?


Christmas…this holiday is the most special holiday in my heart. I love the winter wonderland (not always present of course) and decorating the tree is  a big thing at our house. It’s a night of cookies, snacks, and decorating that gets the whole family involved. We call it a christmas party. Maybe you do too…or maybe you have other celebrations that you perform instead.


The thing about holidays is there is always one person missing….that person behind the camera. that is one fantastic thing about hiring a photographer for family portraits…evereyone gets to be in it. Well, everyone in your family gets to be in it.

Fall family photos, christmas family photos, all are great gifts to share and I’m here to help share that most precious treasure: Family!


TATUR Mud Run 2011

I was given the priviledge of photographing the run for a team called “Surgical Strike Force”. The run was awesome fun even with the heat. August has seen some drastically hot temperatures and alot of fires. Proceeds from the Mud Run go to the Oklahoma Firefighters Burn Camp which services children that are burn victims, or children that have any disfiguring type injuries. 

The Tatur Mud Run is a fun one to two mile frolic through muddy obstacles. Just a sampling of the obstacles include:

  • The Tummy Crawl
  • The Tire Dive
  • The Z Slide

The Mud Run was held at 12000 East 31st Street in Tulsa, OK across from the Green Country Event Center.

Shadow Mountain Tatur Mud Run

Surgical Strike Force ran the noon race. Here is their storyboard!

The TATUR Organization put on an awesome event!

Everyone had an awesome time….check out more:

They climbed….

They crawled….

and got splattered….

and drenched in the trenches of mud at the Z slide….


And crossed the finish line covered in MUD!!! Awesome fun had by all on a very HOT August day in Oklahoma!

Thanks for letting me tag along to shoot your team,  Surgical Strike Force. It was a blast! It was also for a GREAT CAUSE!

Summer Fun

Summer is going quickly. It is the beginning of August and I am left wondering where summer has gone. If I feel this way, then I am sure that many children and students feel the same.

So with three weeks left to enjoy time off from school and classes and the hustle and bustle of every day responsibilities, let’s see how you would use them.

What plans are left for your summer??

Here is a list ohttp://singleparents.about.com/od/havingfu1/qt/beforesummerend.htmf 50 ideas: http://www.familiesonlinemagazine.com/teens/

About.com lists 30 fun summer activities. Find out what they are here: http://singleparents.about.com/od/havingfu1/qt/beforesummerend.htm

For those of you in the Oklahoma (Tulsa metro area), here are a couple of a local links to follow for more ideas: http://www.tulsahomeservices.com/Blog/Low-Cost-Summer-Fun-Ideas


Camping? Hiking? Fishing? Swimming? Share your thoughts and ideas here on our blog. Photos shall be added as the summer winds down for those last three weeks.

Can’t wait to hear from you all!