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Find Misha’s Photography & Restoration on Facebook as well as here on wordpress and on their own website. Cyberspace is a wonderful place to find the businesses you love!


Ally’s Corner / Alice singleton

AllysCorner-53cBoomer is the Corgi in the photograph to the right–taken by Misha’s Photography for the Book he took a starring role in  during the year 2011. “Boomer, Just the Right Dog” is a cute story with a moral to teach….and you can meet its lead character in person….

For more information about the book, please visit the author’s website using the link above the photograph. Thank You.

Misha Lowther: another blog for whatever crosses the mind!

another blog by Misha Lowther…..about this and that…so whatever crosses your mind, leave a comment….blogging is more fun with feedback!

Misha’s Photography & Restoration Galleries

Freeze THIS moment in time!
Senior 2013

Misha’s Photography & Restoration offers:

Digital Art: for decor for home, office, and more.

Restoration of old or damaged Photos

Graphics/web design

Fantasy Photography and Portraits

Event photo coverage (weddings, birthday parties, sporting events, and more)

Damsel in this Dress

Find them at Renaissance fairs and festivals, steam punk festivals, Faery and Pirate festivals and fairs, and online. Damsel in this Dress is a company made up of wonderful people with a great love of corsetry, fairs, and their customers. (the photo to the right was taken at the Oklahoma Renaissance Festival in Muskogee at the Castle where Michelle (owner) has a storefront annually.)

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