2018 RoadTrippin!

Happy Easter! Spring is in the Air!

RT66 Okla-Seniors2017-18
locations in Oklahoma along historic Rt 66, aka “The Mother Road”

Summer is all about FUN

What is more fun than time in or on the water, vacations, and Road Trips?

Let’s do ALL OF THESE!!

Rt 66 is known as “the Mother Road” and was a very popular route for road trips before all the Highways and By-ways were built to connect everything. Oklahoma has a good portion of that “Mother Road” to her landscape and some really cool opportunities for photo session opportunities! So… what are you waiting for? Let’s Go! #RoadTrippin #Route66 #TheMotherRoadPhotog

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Dad of the Year!

What does your “Man of the Year” mean to YOU? Tell Him.

Father’s Day is June 17th, 2018.

What will you get for your Dad of the Year?

Do you do things with him instead of gift giving?

Do you give gifts to show your love and appreciation?

No matter what the answer, We have a special solution for BOTH of YOU!

Father’s Day is TWELVE Days away!


IF you are a giver: We can schedule a session for your family as a surprise gift for children-christmas-daughter-46252Dad from ALL of YOU… Dads treasure time together and when you are working hard through the day, sometimes a nice family photo on your desk is a great visual to help get you through any work day.




buildings-businessman-city-561458.jpgIS Your Dad a Business Man?? We now do Personal Brand Photography… Contact Us and Let’s talk MORE about this NEW OFFER!

adult-adventure-biker-1010557.jpgIF you are a Do-er: We can tag along on your adventure (scheduling is important here) so you each have photographic evidence of the adventure without all the camera hassle and fuss….


basket-child-daytime-933185.jpgIF you are a giver and a do-er: We can schedule a session for the two of you to show just how special you truly are to each other–this is something you can DO together and get together.

Contact us NOW and let’s surprise Your Dad of the Year! Happy Fathers Day!


High School Celebrations: Are YOU Ready?

Everyone has a story to tell. Each Senior who is ready to graduate has 18 years of life to celebrate in ONE set of photos to be remembered for the next 10 to 20 years … How will YOU be remembered for your Graduating year??

Senior Sessions tell YOUR story. Senior year is an end and a beginning. It’s the last year of childhood and the beginning of your future. It’s a crossroads with many choices. Each one is unique to the person experiencing it. Your photo session should tell your story. It should be unique like you. So Let’s Tell it NOW! Get them done early and have them ready for the Yearbook Ads that are due at the beginning of December each year (at Broken Arrow HS)….

Class of 2018: Congrats to YOU!                                Class of 2019: Let’s tell some stories!

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Personal Branding

What is Personal Branding?

That is YOU and What YOU do as a business owner and Entrepreneur.

This is a new service offered by Misha’s Photography and Restoration. If you have a launch for a product, service or business, contact me. If you want to refresh your professional image, contact me. If you need photos for a start up, contact me.

I’d love to help YOU with your PB-Photography! (click the link to learn MORE about this particular brand of photography.) Let’s get together soon!


Fat Tuesday

Colors of Mardi Gras. What do they mean to YOU?

Did you know that “Mardi Gras” means “fat tuesday” in french? Mardi Gras is also the last day of Shrovetide… a three day celebration of merrymaking associated with carnival. On Shrove Tuesday some reflect on wrongs and things to repent or of things to make ammends for. Then comes Ash Wednesday….Lent.

The colors of mardi gras are gold, emerald green, and royal purple. These colors used to have specific meanings and not just a representation of the “holiday”. Gold stood for Power. The Sparkling Emerald Green stood for Faith. Royal Purple stood for Justice. Beads of each color were given to those who represented the trait that color symbolized.

Which color would represent You? Which color would You like to represent You? (They are not always the same. Lucky YOU if they are!)

Well. . . Here is hoping you have a wonderful Mardi Gras. Laissez le bon temps rouler!



Fae Tales and Dream Ale…

Fae Tales and Dream Ale…

The story for this Hallow’s Eve….

The 13 days of Hallow’s Eve…. a tale or two with some ale or a good brew….

why? Fall has arrived. It’s my favorite time of year these days. ….and 2017 is full of faery tales and dreams, wishes and screams, heroes and villains and many other fantasy things! Join us and see what is coming to the studio this Hallow’s Eve…


The Perfect Season




How many of these things will you do this fall? Before Halloween??

We can all agree that fall is a great season…and some would say it is the perfect season. Why perfect? It encompasses sweater weather, warm cider, and football season and plenty of reasons to have a PARTY! It is also a perfect time to spend time with your greatest Friends and your Family! (Although WHO needs a reason, right?)

Here are 25 things to add to your fall bucket list…

  1. Go to a haunted house.
  2. Carve pumpkins.
  3. Plan a group Halloween costume.
  4. Go hunting.
  5. Go to a professional football game.
  6. Or baseball. Fly the W.
  7. Pumpkin patch photoshoot, it’s a must.
  8. Have a Halloween movie marathon.
  9. Host a bonfire.
  10. Go to a drive-in movie.
  11. Take a road trip.
  12. Go to as many concerts as possible.
  13. Tailgate a college football game.
  14. Make fresh apple cider and spike it.
  15. Go to each other’s family Thanksgiving.
  16. Visit a corn maze.
  17. Go Black Friday shopping.
  18. Run a fall themed race.
  19. Go apple picking.
  20. Cook a new recipe.
  21. Sneak into a graveyard.
  22. Go to an amusement park.
  23. Visit an Oktoberfest and drink some German beers.
  24. Take family photos for the Christmas cards you think of sending out Every Year!
  25. Mail those special Christmas Cards!

Make this year Personal! Are you one of those people that despises photos? Guess what Mom & Dad (or that special someone) would LOVE to get for Christmas? Even better than a photo of YOU??? A PHOTO SESSION WITH YOU!! 😀

Summer Fun Sessions!

Memorial Day Weekend usually kicks off the summer activities season. All the pools open. Camping season is in full swing. Lake season begins. This year the “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell No Tales” movie helped kick off the summer at the movies! By now, I am sure you have had the chance to see the movie….

OceanFUN2017JUNE-BlogPostBannerSo we are joining in the FUN at the studio. We have mermaid fun and Pirate pillaging sessions for everyone! Join us and let’s have some fun.

Kid fun, Family fun, Cosplay fun… It’s all available to you when YOU book your session with us! Summer is half gone but the fun has just begun! We can do a studio session OR an outdoor water session!! So give us a call and let’s enjoy the last half of summer!!

Seniors 2018: America’s Highway!

RT66 Okla-Seniors2017-18Historic Rt 66.

The Mother Road.

America’s Highway.

This year, Misha’s Photography and Restoration has taken the Mother Road to the studio. Have your Senior Session done on location OR In-Studio and still bring a bit of History and Retro uniqueness to YOUR Senior Session. Rt 66 travels through 8 states total and connects Chicago, Illinois to Santa Monica, California! Tulsa and several small towns around it were a big part of the Mother Road. Today, Rt 66 is still an amazing road trip full of adventure and nostalgia. Book your senior session Today!route66ok

Rt 66 runs through Oklahoma from the northeast corner of the state at the town of Quapaw, OK to the western edge not quite to the southwestern corner at the town of Erick, OK.

Quapaw, OK is a town in Ottawa County, Oklahoma, United States. The population was 906 at the 2010 census, a slight decline from 984 as of the 2000 census. Quapaw is part of the Joplin, Missouri metropolitan area.

(Quapaw, Commerce, Miami, Narcissa, Afton, Vinita, White Oak Chelsea, Sequoyah, Foyil, Claremore, Verdigris, Catoosa, Tulsa, Oakhurst, Sapalupa, Kellyville, Bristow, Stroud, Davenport, Chandler, Warwick, Edmond, Yukon, ElReno, Geary, Hydro, Weatherford, Clinton, Foss, Elk City, Sayer, Erick.)

Erick, OK is the last Oklahoma stop on Historic Route 66 in western Oklahoma at Exit 7 on I-40.  Erick is located on a 20 mile continuous stretch of Route 66 from the Oklahoma-Texas state line to Sayre, OK.  Erick is also the home of singer / song writer / actor, Sheb Wooley (“RawHide“).  Visit the Roger Miller Museum and the 100th Meridian Museum. See a car show…have FUN!

Don’t have the time to drive to your Rt 66 location, but still want that photo on historic Rt 66? We can do that for you! We have been there! Choose your Historic Rt 66 background and Book Your Session Today!

See the Beauty Inside of YOU!

Disney Movies create magic inside all of us. This movie will be no different. Emma Watson  makes a fabulous representation of Belle. I cannot wait to see the movie AGAIN with my daughter!  Here is something else I find exciting! I am a photographer and it is my dream to make magic as well. While I am not Disney, nor am I affiliated with Disney in any way

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
Find the Beauty inside You!

(other than as a lifelong fan of the movies they have and continue to create), I would love to photograph your little beauty and create a magical, lifelong piece of art that you can both share and be proud of from now and throughout her future. Whether your princess is 6 years old, 16 years old, or 16 at heart… Let’s make some magic and delight in the beauty inside all of us! See the magic on screen. I did and it made me want to see the magic in ALL things… Magic and Beauty are wonderful things to focus positive image and goals that direct our lives daily. This session is now by appointment only. Book Your Photo Session to watch the magic unfold for you here in reality in Broken Arrow, OK!

Find your inner beauty and let it shine!


Spring Time Wonders

Spring time brings out the volunteers in our community as well as the first responders. Let’s support our community and make our neighborhoods a better place to live.

Spring brings new life in so many ways. The plant life are blooming. The weather is nice enough to be outdoors more regularly. April showers bring May flowers…and fires keep fire fighters on their toes… storms keep the storm chasers busy so we stay informed.  While that sounds like positive to negative, it is just truth. Our Emergency management organizations and public servants for city and county alike are very busy this time of year also. How does this relate to photography?

I do event photography as well. I am hoping that YOU will join the Wagoner County Emergency Management team this SATURDAY–March 25th for the Expo they are hosting at Coweta Intermediate High School.

Photos of this event will be posted in a gallery (click here) so check back and see what happened at the Expo! eventphotofull_wcepse20logo20with20hat

There is a scheduled blood drive to take place at the Expo as well…so be sure to sign up for that too! Can’t wait to watch the Fire Fighter Challenge! Will Your Team win?

Which Princess are YOU?

It’s a wonderful world for kids as far as movies go these days. The cinematic experience is amazing compared to 10-15 years ago! March offers an AWESOME opportunity here in Broken Arrow, OK!

fantasyfunshootad2blog The Royal opportunity is open to ALL AGES…because Every Girl wants to be a princess…whether that princess is a bookworm, a mermaid, a rebel fighting evil across the universe, a Celtic warrior, an oriental girl saving her father and finding love at the same time, an Indian Princess fighting for her people and her love, an Indian Princess with a Tiger, a princess who sleeps for a century or one who climbs out of a tower when rescued…. claim it and let’s have some Royal Fun! Book Your session Now facelessdprincesses1and Be a Princess. The new Live Action Disney movie comes out this month (March) and every girl will be imagining herself as that Beauty – that Princess! Let’s Make It Happen in 2017! This Royal opportunity is available to YOU and your inner princess AND your Little Princess from March 10th thru the 17th! Opportunities are limited so Let’s Have some FUN.  Book NOW!

Which Wizard are YOU?

February is a month of Wizarding… Have you not heard?

Let’s join the fun and show off YOUR Wizard Look with a Fantastically FUN photo session! Don’t forget to check out these other wizarding events as well… Dressing in Your Finest Wizard’s attire for these outings? Don’t let that outfit go to waste!! Book a photo session and make the magic last longer!  Message us on Facebook-LOGO or contact us online.

What house do you favor? Griffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff?

Who is your favorite character/wizard? Harry, Hermoine, Ron, Tonks, Draco, Bellatrix, Mad-Eye, Ginny, Luna, Hagrid, Snape, Lily, James, Sirius, Creature, Doby, George, Fred, Bill, Fluer, Cho, Cedric, Albus, Lucius, Seamus, Nevil, Krum, Remus, Ollivander, Trelawney, Myrtle, Molly, Perciville, Bill, Albus, McGonagall, Newt, Porpetina, Graves, Kowalski, Credence, Queenie, etc…

February 4th & 5th, 2017 in Oklahoma City, OK: Farmers Market

February 19th, 2017 in Tulsa, OK: click the link to discover the Magical Event!

February: in Orlando, FL:  A Celebration of Harry Potter™ – Universal Studios Florida™ &Universal’s Islands of Adventure™. This magical 3-day event includes film talent Q&A sessions, access to special discussions and demonstrations, A Celebration of Harry Potter™ Expo and more

 February 20-25th…BOOK YOUR SESSION NOW—SPOTS Are Limited!!

Presidents and Lovers 2017

February 2017 is a wonderful month.

This is the month of presidents and lovers. Now before you go looking for a political post, or a scandalous post regarding some other topic, remember this is a photography blog.images-for-valentine-day I am talking of President’s Day, Washington’s birthday, Lincoln’s birthday and Valentine’s Day…. what were you thinking?

February brings these dates YOU might be interested in:

February 4th & 5th: Always Potterhead’s Festival which takes place in Oklahoma City’s Farmers’ Market. Tickets are a must! Visit from 9am to 7pm each day. Have fun! Muggles welcome! If you are a Potterhead…and would like a Wizard Worldly Portrait session-Contact US NOW! We would LOVE to do a shoot with YOU! (Hogwarts, House shoot-Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Griffindor, Slytherin, Steam Engine settings, Platform 9 3/4 ….) This session would be either on location or in studio in Broken Arrow–NOT Oklahoma City unless you choose OK City as your “on location” site.

February 10th: Batman Lego Movie opens in theaters all over town. So Who is up for a Gotham Nights Photo Session?? All through the month of February, book a session to shoot a “Gotham Nights” session. Batman has been a big craze for a while now. No matter which version of the Dark Knight you love, let’s have some photo session fun!!

February 12th: President Lincoln’s birthday.

February 14th: Valentine’s Day… the day to celebrate the ONE(s) YOU love! Now why did I say “ONE(s)”….. well, the word “love” has several levels to it. In some language the word is represented by different words depending on what kind of love you are referring to. You love your family (Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, sisters, brothers, cousins). You love your Husband, Wife, Girlfriend, Boyfriend. You love your friends….but not all in the same sense. Those of us here in the U.S. or the english speaking areas usually only know ONE name for that feeling and it’s “LOVE”. So when I say “ONE(s)”, I am talking about any person that may be close to you…NOT just your significant someone. This is the perfect time to get together with that significant someone or with someone dear to your heart because of who they are as a person…and create a memory that represents a celebration of your relationship. What better way to show how special they are to YOU.

February 20th: President’s Day The day set aside to celebrate our presidents.

February 22nd: George Washington’s birthday.

Not everyone celebrates the same day in the same way. However you wish to celebrate the calendar of events this month, let us help you. Book a session NOW!


A New Adventure is Waiting…

Welcome to Misha’s Photography and Restoration during the year 2017! We have lots of plans in the works for this year and we are hoping YOU will join us! It’s a new year. People say that a lot in January…and it’s true. The year 2017 is a new beginning.

Here’s to New Beginnings!

Check back with us HERE on our Blog post to see the Happenings for the year…


EVENTS already Scheduled which YOU can attend:

OTHER opportunities are in the works and will be released individually via our newsletter!
Please subscribe so you don’t miss out on the wondrous times to come!!


      *Coweta Emergency Management EXPO……………….25th (Saturday)


      *Norman Renaissance Fair/Festival………………………3-31 thru 4-02

     *Easter Celebration at Rolling Hills Fire Department….(8th)


      *Oklahoma Ren-Fair………………………………………..every weekend in MAY

(please note: special arrangements can be made for a session at OKRF–YOU MUST make an appointment for this specific style of shoot AND YOU will be responsible for YOUR entrance to the fair/festival


      *RT 66 (see our Newsletter for details!   Join Us for an adventure on “The Mother Road”!


      *summer fun sessions


      *Tea Party Sessions

       *Cosplay Sessions (Wizard World Comic Con is in OKC in October!)


        *Back to School Portraits (teens and tweens)

        *Last month for water sessions


        *Halloween is FAST Approaching and so is ComicCon!


         *Family Portraits for those annual Christmas and Holiday Cards


         *Frozen Fiestas and Wonderlands!  (if mother nature decides to let Jack Frost visit)….

Please be assured–THESE are just SOME of your options to have fun and enjoy an adventure in photos.

OTHER opportunities are in the works and will be released individually via our newsletter! Please subscribe so you don’t miss out on the wondrous times to come!!

Our schedules can change as our appointments fill up. We have a LOT MORE in store than is listed HERE so PLEASE… subscribe to that NEWSLETTER so You don’t MISS OUT! and check back here often for More info about the opportunities listed. We look forward to seeing you soon! Happy NEW Year and Happy NEW Adventures! to YOU!!