Location Location Location!

Everyone loves backgrounds that fit THEIR personality. It’s great to choose your own background. Today, the selection is even wider! WHY? HOW?

Well, wider selections come with an in studio session and digital background capabilities. It’s great to be able to add a Mountain style backdrop for the family that loves to hike…or an ocean scene for those that love the beach and summer fun. It’s also great to have a base white backdrop for those artistic families who like to create their own look with no background to worry about.

Locations also offer a unique backdrop. Being able to shoot on location or travel to a unique destination to do a special session in a special, unique place that means something to my clients is more meaningful that having them come to the studio on a beautiful day for a look that might suit them but doesn’t have that special meaning to back it up.

Options are GRAND! The more options YOU have, the more unique our session is! This is an amazing ability that helps create something special to hang on your walls or to put in an album to share with your friends and family.

where do you want your session to be?