2018 RoadTrippin!

Happy Easter! Spring is in the Air!

RT66 Okla-Seniors2017-18
locations in Oklahoma along historic Rt 66, aka “The Mother Road”

Summer is all about FUN

What is more fun than time in or on the water, vacations, and Road Trips?

Let’s do ALL OF THESE!!

Rt 66 is known as “the Mother Road” and was a very popular route for road trips before all the Highways and By-ways were built to connect everything. Oklahoma has a good portion of that “Mother Road” to her landscape and some really cool opportunities for photo session opportunities! So… what are you waiting for? Let’s Go! #RoadTrippin #Route66 #TheMotherRoadPhotog

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Dad of the Year!

What does your “Man of the Year” mean to YOU? Tell Him.

Father’s Day is June 17th, 2018.

What will you get for your Dad of the Year?

Do you do things with him instead of gift giving?

Do you give gifts to show your love and appreciation?

No matter what the answer, We have a special solution for BOTH of YOU!

Father’s Day is TWELVE Days away!


IF you are a giver: We can schedule a session for your family as a surprise gift for children-christmas-daughter-46252Dad from ALL of YOU… Dads treasure time together and when you are working hard through the day, sometimes a nice family photo on your desk is a great visual to help get you through any work day.




buildings-businessman-city-561458.jpgIS Your Dad a Business Man?? We now do Personal Brand Photography… Contact Us and Let’s talk MORE about this NEW OFFER!

adult-adventure-biker-1010557.jpgIF you are a Do-er: We can tag along on your adventure (scheduling is important here) so you each have photographic evidence of the adventure without all the camera hassle and fuss….


basket-child-daytime-933185.jpgIF you are a giver and a do-er: We can schedule a session for the two of you to show just how special you truly are to each other–this is something you can DO together and get together.

Contact us NOW and let’s surprise Your Dad of the Year! Happy Fathers Day!


High School Celebrations: Are YOU Ready?

Everyone has a story to tell. Each Senior who is ready to graduate has 18 years of life to celebrate in ONE set of photos to be remembered for the next 10 to 20 years … How will YOU be remembered for your Graduating year??

Senior Sessions tell YOUR story. Senior year is an end and a beginning. It’s the last year of childhood and the beginning of your future. It’s a crossroads with many choices. Each one is unique to the person experiencing it. Your photo session should tell your story. It should be unique like you. So Let’s Tell it NOW! Get them done early and have them ready for the Yearbook Ads that are due at the beginning of December each year (at Broken Arrow HS)….

Class of 2018: Congrats to YOU!                                Class of 2019: Let’s tell some stories!

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