Themed Photo Sessions

What do you mean by

Themed Photo Session“?

Last week’s blog talked about what a portrait is and the “origin” (so to speak) of that definition. You may have visited my website and wondered “What is a themed session” so I wish to clarify that here.

Theme: the subject of a talk, a piece of writing, a person’s thoughts, or an exhibition; a topic.  “the theme of the sermon was reverence

Theme (as defined by Webster’s Dictionary):  1. the main subject that is being discussed or described in a piece of writing, a movie, etc;  2. a particular subject or issue that is discussed often or repeatedly;  3. the particular subject or idea on which the style of something (such as a party or room) is based;

Let’s start with a subject. Some favorites today are “steampunk”, “ren-fair”, “Disney Princess”, “Star Wars”, “Road Warrior”, ….you can get as general or specific as you want. That is part of the confusion (in my opinion) which I hope to clear up with this post.

Pick who and what you want to be and Let's have some photo-FUN!
themed Session

Take “disney princess” for instance.What child hasn’t grown up with a favorite Disney character? We all have our favorites. My children both have had different favorites throughout the years…and all of my nieces and nephews too. I even have my own personal history of favorites. 🙂 Which one is YOURS?

Maybe you need a little more information on themes to get the bigger picture. Let me show you by providing a few examples we can all usually relate to.

Example one: a luau with characters such as lilo, stitch, Elvis, hula dancers, surfers…all of these would be a fun group session with Hawaiian theme.

Example two: the tea party. Can you see where this one is going? A tea party could be a traditional tea party with tea and cakes OR you could incorporate a Mad Hatter, a white rabbit, Alice in her blue and white version by Disney, a “dark alice”, (or another of your own creation).

Example three: Cosplay or ComicCon (yes this is very general). Take any cosplay character or comicCon character you would find at a cosplay or Comic Convention and build on it. This can include DC (or Marvel) Heroes, star wars, anime and other such characters.

Other examples:  Decades: 1980’s, 1970’s, 1960’s (pick your favorite era).

No matter what your theme choice. Be sure to provide your photographer with plenty of background information such as: Character; Setting; is it just you or does this session require a group of people? Is this a new thing or a passion since your childhood days? Please feel free to explain something new. 🙂 There is so much creativity out there and so many possibilities to have fun with that no one can keep track of everything. That’s another beauty of themed sessions. Each will be unique to the individual and the photographer. Life is an adventure. Photos should be fun.

There are many themed activities today. Laser tag sessions have themes. Just look at a few options in the Tulsa area. Family entertainment venues have themes. It’s today’s “thing”. So grab that train and let’s take an adventure trip to your favorite destination!

Think a “theme session” is a wonderful idea but don’t have any idea how to put one together? or what theme to choose?…Contact us.  We’d be happy to walk you through it.


What is a Portrait?

Webster’s dictionary defines it this way:

1. a painting, drawing, or photograph of a person that usually only includes the person’s head and shoulders; 2.a detailed description of something or someone; 3. a way of printing a page so that the shorter sides are on the top and bottom and the longer sides are on the left and right.orFull Definition of PORTRAIT:     1 picture; especially :  a pictorial representation of a person usually showing the face;  2 a sculptured figure :  bust;  3 a graphic portrayal in words

What I consider a portrait:

“a portrait is a fitting likeness of an individual, place or thing which portrays the subject’s personality, lifestyle, and/or character through a photograph or a painting.”

Portraits can be taken of a home or piece of property, person, or a pet/animal. We commonly use “photograph” instead of “portrait” as the word “portrait” is more personal.

Portraits are used to measure changes in the growth of children, to capture lifestyles, and to capture a special occasion which one or more would like to remember for all time.

We like to celebrate and share moments like:

  • Baby’s first year;

    Contact us NOW for YOUR session!
    Contact us NOW for YOUR session!
  • A teen’s last year of school (senior year);
  • A daughter/son’s wedding;
  • College Graduations
  • Parent’s silver anniversary;
  • Special Achievements
  • Military Service
  • Engagements
  • Reunions
  • Promotions

All of these are great things and wonderful moments to celebrate.We all wish to remember and share special times with loved ones. That is what portraits are for. . . . . . . What was your last celebration? When?

Family is always a good thing to celebrate as are friendships! So. . . what are you waiting for? Let’s take some Portraits!

United States Flags throughout Time

the first flag of the united states…just after the revolution “Continental Colors”

Our Flag has changed many times throughout history…it seems each flag had it’s own name. I never knew that. But Memorial Day 2012, I learned something new. Imagine still learning about history long after school is out 😀

I wish history had been more personalized in school. I think I would have enjoyed it more….like children enjoy science fiction today.

Our FIRST flag was namedGrand Union by George Preble in his 1872 history of the American flag. And now you are asking “WHO is George Preble?” right? George Henry Preble was born in February 1816 and was an American naval officer and a writer. He was noted for taking the first photograph of the Fort McHenry flag that inspired The Star-Spangled Banner.

“the Betsy Ross” flag of the United States

Our SECOND flag is the one we all think of as the “Betsy Ross” flag…You know the one with the circle of thirteen stars…. As a child, I always thought this was our first flag. That was always the impression I was given. There is so much history to teach and so little is actually given in schools…not to mention most students seem to be under the assumption that history is just a bunch of stories and names and dates that don’t matter any more….or that is the direction we come from in the fourth and fifth grade when the memorization becomes more of a mandatory thing. Is that where your point of view came from?

The Star Spangled Banner with 15 stars…

History was never really personalized enough for me to take a really good interest in it. I never liked memorization and couldn’t relate…so…there is a lot that I missed out on.

Then there is the “Star-Spangled Banner”….and while I know that most despise wikepedia as an information source and that’s ok. Please feel free to find another source and post it (whether opposed or not to the information here).

And for those that want to see the “rebel flag” or the “stars and bars” aka ” dixie flag and flag of the south….here’s a few things to look at through our history as well. While I realize

first confederate flag

things become something more than what they were intended and can be twisted over time, we still missed a lot of history and life’s lessons along the way. I find these small facts fascinating now…more so than I ever did in school. However I also am able to look at things from many different perspectives than I could have as a student in primary and secondary schools. I think that truly matters. I also believe that life is many shades and often we try to make it just black and white.

The Stainless Flag (second national flag for the confederate side)

Life in a black and white photo contains many shades of grey and white. Try ordering a wedding dress and telling “them” you want a white dress…. ivory, champagne, eggshell white, ecru, ….so many choices and sometimes very confusing…as is life.

The confederate side had national banners flown during the war and though I don’t remember that being a topic covered in history, I find it very interesting to view today.

The Confederacy and it’s flags.

History holds many stories, many secrets and many many things to learn from. The one thing I find very interesting about history today is the personal lifestyles of the people we can read about.

Their lives were so very different and yet our country’s history takes place on the very ground we walk on today. Watch re-enactments. See the clothes they wore. Tour a historic home as it was then. Read about the cultures that evolved from our roots and contributed to our attitudes and our lifestyle today.

What one person would YOU most like to know more about from US History?

Share your tales of History and the people that lived it HERE!…Who have you read about lately? How were YOU inspired by this person? Let us know when YOU like us on facebook, follow us on twitter, and check back for more photo blog posts HERE! Thanks for reading.

Out West

Out West….in the lovely mountainous state of Wyoming.

Love Wyoming Summer on the road to the West
Love Wyoming Summer on the road to the West

I spent the last week in June in the mountains. That is such beautiful country. I could spend an entire summer there and not get bored….not to mention NOT see everything there.

Jackson Hole, WY is a lovely vacation spot for active families in the summer or the winter! 😀

They have horseback riding, river rafting, trail hikes, nature (bison, deer, elk, birds, etc), biking, mountains, rivers, and lakes as big as you please!

Love Wyoming Summer in the Mountains
Love Wyoming Summer in the Mountains

All this is found just south of the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park….and from Lamar to Jackson on the highway, there is a scenic loop where you can see wild horses!

Beautiful country!…. It’s as close to nature without all the city life as I have seen in a while…sometimes I wish more of our cities saw the benefit of preserving nature at its most wondrous. Manicured lawns and everything all neat and tidy has its place and creates order and a wonder all its own. Nature however orderly is also chaotic and holds a majesty we tend to overlook due to the currents of life washing away the hours faster than we care to realize.

Wyoming in June of 2015 was a wondrously fantastic adventure that I would encourage anyone to take on at least once. 😀

Conquer your Mountain and take on an adventure!
Conquer your Mountain and take on an adventure!

Whether it’s nature, history, or adventure you seek, Wyoming is awesome! My visit was in summer but I have heard wondrous tales of skiing and the resorts they have available in winter. Summer is a great season for me…but I am interested in a Wyoming Wonderland too… Maybe there is another trip waiting for me in the future…

Love Wyoming Summer
Love Wyoming Summer

I hope there is one for you! I hope you have someone wonderful to share it with as well…for life is more when you share it.

Share your adventures!…where have you been lately? Let us know when YOU like us on facebook, follow us on twitter, and check back for more photo blog posts HERE! Thanks for reading.

May 2015 – OKRF-weekend no 4

In a realm not so far away but full of characters and imagination….

Magic is in the Air…

Visit the realm of OKRF and open your mind to your own imagination and Let’s have some FUN! 😀 Imagination isn’t just for children. Life is an adventure and here is a great one to be had for five weekends in May every year (well for the last 20 years)….

How many hats can YOU wear?
How many hats can YOU wear?

A good Scotsman is a salty fellow and always good to know! Fair would NOT be fair without Angus hovering about Angusland! 🙂

Some of the Characters you will meet at OKRF may look very familiar as they travel from fair to fair across the country. It takes time, patience, and imagination to develop a character for one fair (let alone many across the country)…It’s a pleasure to get to know some of them (as I have not met all of them as of yet)….so who is YOUR favorite character or group/act at OKRF?

Misha's Favorite Pirates of the Midwest
Misha’s Favorite Pirates of the Midwest

I have so many I could introduce you to…there’s pirates aplenty! and mermaids for what’s a scurvy pirate upon the sea without mermaids, selkies and sirens to keep them company?

Sirena: the sirens
Sirena: the sirens

Sirena: the sirens made their last appearance at OKRF until (possibly) 2017. They are taking a leave from the show much to the dismay of their fans…we will miss you terribly!

Photos by MISHA
Photos by MISHA

It’s always great to share a visit to fair with as many friends as possible…the more the merrier definitely has a place here. 🙂

Photos by MISHA
Photos by MISHA

I don’t know them all but they were alot of fun at OKRF this year. Some I have never seen before but all seemed a friendly lot…. did you meet anyone here?

Photos by MISHA
Photos by MISHA

some of the characters here are new to me as I have mentioned though there are favorites here too…and ALOT of favorites that are NOT shown here…. if you get a chance to stop in at OKRF one year…perhaps you too will find you way to “Lilly B. Haven” or “Tribal Circus” ….ever wanted to go to Italy…you can usually find them in the Italian Quarter.

Though some of my favorite shops did suprise me with a new location this year…BAGGS was in the Pirate Quarter by the Harbor Stage instead of the Italian Quarter…There you will find some amazing creatures and fairy doors and the like…..

Photos by MISHA
Photos by MISHA

No matter where your feet take you ….take your imagination along for the ride 🙂

have fun….. I did. 😀

Photos by MISHA
Photos by MISHA
Photos by MISHA
Photos by MISHA
Photos by MISHA
Photos by MISHA
Photos by MISHA
Photos by MISHA