Haunting sights of Nature

I love a walk in the Nature Park in any season….but Autumn is my favorite season. As the season’s of life have past and changed, so have I. As a child, my favorite season was summer. I loved the adventure, not having to attend school, and the water! Swimming was life! Now if I can walk outside and enjoy nature in all its wonderous array of wardrobe…(colors)… I am content to enjoy nature.

a haunting sight in the park
a haunting sight in the park

There are things to see everywhere…though it seems as though few see them. I have a vivid imagination and sometimes one small (ish) thing in nature sparks an entire imaginary scene or scenario in the eye of the mind.

This tree and the month of October with All Hallow’s Eve just around the corner reminded me of all the pictures of haunted houses and bare spooky trees pictured in children’s story books. What would you see on an Autumn nature walk?

Share here in the comments section or post it on our facebook page! 🙂  Happy Haunting season!

Happy Hauntings

Where are YOU haunting this Fall?

Halloween is a great time for the kid in all of us whether you are 2, 20, or 120! It’s a great time to have some fun with photos too! Pumpkin patches, Haunted houses, and homes decorated for the fun of the season are great places to have a fun and unique photo session with you and your family or for just your child. They grow so quickly…it’s nice to have fantastically fun memories to share! and what better way than your own private session?

Star Wars fans!
Star Wars fans!

You provide the costume. Together we will choose a location (whether indoors or out…studio or location). Then the fun shall begin!

High School Forever

Following my path to the Future...
Following my path to the Future…

No I don’t mean High School is forever…but the one thing that seems to be forever, is that Senior Picture that sums up your High School life. This is the one portrait that is sure to be how you, as a senior in high school, are remembered. Why do I say that?

Most Seniors purchase a yearbook, a class ring, and graduation memorabilia. The ONE YEARBOOK sure to be searched through again and again and to show up at every reunion to come is the Senior Yearbook.

Why is this important? Your senior year is the beginning of your future and the end of high school but seems to last eternity. So? Have FUN with it and be yourself! Be WHO YOU ARE….in your photos! 🙂

So…what are you waiting for? Let’s book YOUR SESSION now!

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Owl Dreams

Owl Dreams

Owl dreams in daylight and twighlight

This one is looking up into the sky from the jousting arena of the Oklahoma Renaissance Festival. It makes me wonder…. “do OWLS dream“…I know, whenever I see a barn owl, I can’t help but think of the movie “Labyrinth” with David Bowie as the Goblin King (Jareth)… and most people think of Harry Potter when a snowy owl is shown. Funny how we relate God’s creatures to present icons from Hollywood….

Raptors have a special place in my heart…maybe because our freedom symbol is a raptor or maybe because they are large enough to admire in flight without losing sight of them as you would a song bird.

I hope you enjoy “owl dreams” and the raptors as a major part of our ecosystem also.