Conservation and Education

Conservation & Education…

and how do those fit in with Photography?

( I am so glad you asked...)

May is a big month of Renaissance Fair visits for me if I am lucky. I enjoy meeting people and trying new things. These Fairs make those things possible. My original fair (and “home fair” if you will) is located at the Castle of Muskogee. It is held every weekend in May and runs FIVE wonderful weekends.Castle Plunder and Pilage weekend 2014

Conservation and Education have been found at OKRF through Royal Gauntlet Birds of Prey. I love animals. People are great. Animals are wonderous! Maybe that is because they are such a mystery and cannot “answer” (in the traditional style of conversation) to tell us what we want to know or explain what we wonder about. Then again there are times I am sure I would not want to be able to understand  what the creatures of the earth haveCastle Plunder and Pilage weekend 2014 to say….

Soaring the skies on the wings of a bird is an amazing fantasy…it was brought to life before your eyes in Lord of the Rings, comic book series such as Elf-Quest (Siege at Blue Mountain-“Gliders“), X-men (see those that can fly such as Storm and Rogue), Justice League (through characters like Hawkgirl), and in many other ways and forms over the years. Soaring high above the earth is why people wanted to fly and why airplanes were invented after all….sometimes we just forget how magical life can be.

Nature cCastle Plunder and Pilage weekend 2014an be magical if we take the time to look around. Most of the time life has us so busy that w e are running around in circles trying to find ourselves….not to mention the beauty of life in its natural state of presence. This year’s fair held some beautiful wonders and some answers too.

Royal Gauntlet hasCastle Plunder and Pilage weekend 2014 made it possible for children (of all ages) to see different species of raptors that most wouldn’t normally come across…and if they did…well, it’s sometimes hard for people to tell the difference between one type of bird and another. People have mistaken a Eurasian Eagle Owl for a Great-horned Owl at fair. It is nice to be able to see and learn about the different creatures out there we know nothing about.

You see most ofCastle Plunder and Pilage weekend 2014 us research what we come into contact with. We could easily find information on a local
species. And while the internet makes it easier to find all kinds of information on anything your heart desires, sometimes it is hard to find information on what you don’t realize exists.

Going to the fairs and seeing the difference up close and personal can make a big difference. It can also give an experience that makes you want to know more!Castle Plunder and Pilage weekend 2014

Creating that in a child is an awesome power that can take a child so far int
o an adventure that otherwise would never have been. That is education. Education leads to conservation also in some aspects. The more you know, the more you can do. I have enjoyed the opportunity to photograph many species over the years that I would not have had the chance any where else. It has been a pleasure and a privilege…. Thank You!

If you would like to know more about these beautiful creatures of the skies…and even like to help with education and conservation, please visit Twisted Family Creations on They have started making nesting boxes to help our North American Kestrels survive and thrive.


Author: misha00lowther

I have been shooting people since 1992 ..and I enjoy every minute! I love new things, new ways to be creative and new people. What better way to combine that then the art and fun of photography. Contact Me so WE can have some FUN!

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