Soaring like Eagles


I had a wonderful experience this weekend. I got to fly in a small Piper airplane. Now I am horrible at remember types of planes and automobiles alike…but I am working on getting better at identification. Reading–I have LOTS of new reading materials–will help.

I can say that the couple I met in trying to find a family pet are a really cool dynamic duo.

They both fly, teach, and love animals.

She used to race airplanes and he loves aerial acrobatics. Flight instructors. Animal Lovers. People who give back to their community in so many ways and they are as down-to-earth as you please. My weekend has been very interesting and exciting!

We started off in Collinsville and flew into Pogue Airport in Sand Springs. Then flew a little further west and I got a glimpse of the Keystone Lake and Dam from the air. I have traveled across the Keystone Dam my entire life and now I have seen a new perspective at a very interesting time…as the Dam is under repairs…or at least the road across the Dam is under re-construction. Everything is different from the air. It is amazing, beautiful, and I was directionally challenged I will admit. 😀

It is easy to pick out huge land marks from the air, like the Dam…but roads and rivers and water ways have no street signs for the passengers of an airplane. It is amazing though and I enjoyed every minute of it!

While experiencing my first aerial photography trip, I actually got to fly higher than an eagle…we did fly right over one. 🙂 It was amazing to see things from that perspective!

Soar like and Eagle
view from the skies over Keystone areas

Aerial photography is a new chapter for my photography experiences and I am so looking forward to seeing how this new area fits into my journey of photography….and how new friendships will grow.

“Thank You!” to ALL  who made this wonderful experience possible.

Author: misha00lowther

I have been shooting people since 1992 ..and I enjoy every minute! I love new things, new ways to be creative and new people. What better way to combine that then the art and fun of photography. Contact Me so WE can have some FUN!

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