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The entire month of September offers you a free 8×10 photo with your paid session–NO Matter what the session (senior pictures, family portraits, etc!)! Book your session today to get your free photo. You get to choose the photo from your session! Join us for an hour or two of fun with your friends or your family….and don’t forget…Halloween is coming up soon… check back for the next month’s special offer! See you soon!


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Back to School is HERE!

Please remember to STOP for school buses and crossing guards.

Child Safety is of the utmost importance! Some schools started a week ago and some start the end of this week in our area….be watchful and leave plenty of time to travel when you need to be somewhere at a specific time!

Only eleven days left to get that “back to school” special on your photo sessions!

Remember, You get 60% OFF of your session fees during the month of August 2013!

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Whatever you are doing this semester–college, high school, middle school…let’s have some fun with “back to school” pictures!! Have a great day and visit us on the web!

Freeze THIS moment in time!
Senior 2013

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