ONE Photograph!


IF you had to…..

IF you had to pick only ONE….

IF you had to pick only ONE photography…..?

Which ONE would it be?

If you had to pick ONLY ONE photograph that described YOU, the life you have lived….only ONE photograph to describe who you are, where you came from, what you enjoyed, only ONE for others to remember you by—–Which ONE would it be?

Often this choice isn’t ours to make. Tragedies strike. Fires burn buildings, which contain belongs which have memories….and all is gone. Tornadoes take these same things and scatter them to the four corners of where ever or rip them all to shreds. Gone. People leave this world for the next and someone else takes the lead in choosing THEIR favorite photographs….but IF you had to choose, could you?

What would you look for? What would you see? Would you care?

In the digital age, we have cameras to document everything. Mother Nature still decides to thin things out now and again….but our life is in pictures. We post them on Facebook, Instagram, blogs, twitter, and whatever social media platform we choose to play with on whatever given day.

Will Rogers
George Washington
The Mona Lisa







People say once it is in cyberspace, it is there forever. Forever is a LONG time and data gets lost in cyberspace. The photo may survive…but knowledge of the person(s) in it may not be wholly accurate.

What photo would you choose to be you…forever and why? What do you think that photo says about you that you want to have people remember?

Princess of the People
Princess Grace
Rita Hayworth (pin-up)
Christopher Reeve (or Superman)
Linda Carter or Wonder Woman







The photos here are not mine…they are however some I think you will recognize. They are what we see (or saw) of one specific person or idea of a person/character….they help get the point across. What say you?





Photography by Misha

Dear Reader,

Nice to Meet You.
Hello! I am Misha…

I know this blog isn’t always seemingly about photography. I suppose sometimes I see things a little differently. Different is good.

Photography is life. If you didn’t live life and enjoy the moments life gives you, what would you have to photograph?

Many photographers specialize. Specialization is a good thing. It continues to help us evolve and create new occupations, positions in life and that evolution is too wide to discuss here. I love life! I love photography. When I started taking pictures, it was to memorize and freeze time….the only way I knew how….in pictures. I wanted to photograph EVERYTHING!

My interests are varied and my hobbies span the board from fitness and exercise to birds, plants, and travel. I find too many choices to just choose ONE.

I love PEOPLE! People make things unique. No two people are alike in every way. No two photographs are alike in every way. The photographs and pictures used to illustrate this blog were edited and/or created by me…(unless other wise stated here!).

If you would like to see a shortened version that is purely photographs, please visit my photo blog for a new photo posted each week. In the mean time, enjoy life and it’s wonderful treasures! … and don’t forget about the WEBSITE and Galleries!