Outdoor Nature Walk in January!

Outdoor Nature Walk in January!

Oxley Nature Center, January 16th, 2012

I decided yesterday was such a beautiful day, that I had to be outside. After all, how often in January in  the middle of Oklahoma does the temperature reach 70 degrees??!! Well, the weather is known to change on a whim…but the temperatures of the day felt unusual.

I used the day to walk the trails at Oxley Nature Center located within Mohawk park area in Tulsa, OK.

There are many interesting trails that offer a variety of views. The photo to the right here represents one of the many sitting

Coyote Trail bench
along "Coyote Trail"

opportunities along the trails. This one happened to be on “Coyote Trail”.

You may think that you have better things to do on a nature walk or hike than sit on a bench…but here in Oxley Nature Center, if you sit quietly for a moment or two, you will see and photograph more than if you just hike or walk the trails. But there is opportunity for whatever your style here (except hunting). Oxley Nature Center is a nature preserve.

Coyote Trail past the bench area
through the woods...

While walking peacefully down the trail (see photo to the left) I couldn’t help but think of the fairy tale that talks about going “over the hills and through the woods to grandmother’s house…”

The photo here is just a good representation of that to me. I was even wearing a red zip-up hoody. Maybe that was a slight contribution to the line of thought. Who knows.  While walking, I had the opportunity to observe a herd of deer…count of about 10. They are such beautiful and graceful animals. The birds and their songs are quite varied here and there are marshes and ponds for bird watching as well. If you visit the Blue Heron Trail as I did, there are a few spots with blinds you can sit behind for observing the wildlife as well. It is very peaceful and awe inspiring for any nature lover.

site along the Blue Heron Trail
guardians of the water

The Tulsa area has many places that offer a wide range of outdoor photography opportunities and hiking too. They aren’t all manicured parks inside the city limits. But they all offer their own unique advantage. Some require travel. But some are nearer to home than you think (if you live in Tulsa, OK).

The Oxley Nature Center is located inside Mohawk Park.

The Redbud Nature Center is another great place with trails and is located near Catoosa, OK just east of Tulsa.

I know winter is still here, however outdoor photography is awesome! Spring is coming so keep in mind some of your favorite places and what photo shoot you would like to do this year and CALL US!

(918) 381-7972 If you would rather communicate via email then send us a message at misha@mishasphotography.com or

Find us on FaceBook: www.facebook.com/MishasPhotographyRestoration.

This year is still new and you can still decide what YOU want to do with it! Enjoy!

Author: misha00lowther

I have been shooting people since 1992 ..and I enjoy every minute! I love new things, new ways to be creative and new people. What better way to combine that then the art and fun of photography. Contact Me so WE can have some FUN!

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