Summer is almost here!….

The first day of summer is usually somewhere arounnd June 21st. This year is about that….wow….June is almost gone. But summer is arriving.

Hope everyone haad a wonderful time celebrating Father’s Day!

This weekend should present some awesome photo opportunities. I will be visiting southeastern Oklahoma in the Kiamichi Mountains. Beaver’s Bend State Park is lovely. I remember seeing it in the fall when all the leaves were turning. This will be a different time of year for me of course but I am looking forward to it. 😀

I hope to have plenty of photos to share here with you soon.

Have a lovely week and check back to see what I have captured….

or call and make an appointment to have a portrait done. Summer and Spring make for lovely on-location shoots….


Author: misha00lowther

I have been shooting people since 1992 ..and I enjoy every minute! I love new things, new ways to be creative and new people. What better way to combine that then the art and fun of photography. Contact Me so WE can have some FUN!

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